You know when you’re having one of those days where you oversleep your alarm, then get out of bed and stub your toe on the door on your way to the bathroom and then take a shower and find out your roommates used all the hot water and you’re just incredibly over that particular day even though you’ve not been awake for an hour yet?

That was the Avalanche in December.

But you put your head down and try to get through that fiasco of a morning and look for the positives along the way. You find a quarter on the sidewalk, heads up even, on your walk into work. You have an actual enjoyable conversation with a coworker you normally dread interacting with. The sun peaks out from behind the clouds and you’re starting to feel a little better about the current state of your universe. Then you leave work and get to your car and find your tires slashed and someone left a stack of dad jokes on the passenger seat to rub salt in the wound while you waited for AAA to help out.

That was the Avalanche tonight.

Beating the Rangers on Saturday night brought plenty of positives in a sea of negativity. Then the Avs rolled their way into Winnipeg and should have taken two points. They outplayed the Jets throughout the contest but little mistakes and atrocious goaltending sabotaged one of the team’s better all-around efforts in weeks. They outplayed the Jets at even strength by a wide margin and despite being down 4-1, mounted another spirited comeback.

We’ve seen them come back from being down 4-1 against Arizona, San Jose, and now tonight against Winnipeg to at least make the game interesting. And they have a grand total of zero points in all of those games. Another common thread? Philipp Grubauer started each and got absolutely lit up. Coach Jared Bednar decided to just let Grubauer wear tonight’s performance because they have a back-to-back instead of burning a fresh Semyon Varlamov chasing two points in a game they had a three-goal deficit.

The Avs had an outrageous 41-21 advantage in shots on goal tonight and somehow lost 7-4. Unacceptable.

The moral of a moral victory is that it’s really no victory at all. Tonight, the Avalanche missed another opportunity to gain ground in the standings. For a team that was second in the West a month ago, Colorado is now clinging to a playoff berth by the fingernails. It’s gut check time in the Avalanche locker room.

Takeaways from the game

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A.J. Haefele was born in Aurora, Colorado, raised in Katy, Texas and is the Colorado Avalanche beat reporter for BSN Denver. AJ helped launch the network back in 2015 and has filled roles as a team leader and Editor-In- Chief, along with co-hosting the BSN Denver draft podcasts along with his other duties. You can hear him every weekday on the BSN Avalanche podcast.