The BSN Avalanche Podcast. after hours, returns again to get your week started. Jesse Montano talks about Colorado’s 3-0 win over the Vegas Golden Knights on the back of some lineup changes by Jared Bednar.


  • Jesse, maybe jot down some notes on what you want to talk about. This way, we don’t need to listen to you argue with yourself.

  • Really nice analysis of the line mash-up, Jesse. Like you I hadn’t seen them ahead of time and kept looking over at my daughter and as they were rolling out becoming more and more incredulous. Based on your analysis and how they played I hope Bednar runs them out again. I give Bednar credit for continuing to try new combinations. Once more help arrives from the AHL, the NCAA, the draft and possibly returns for Barrie, Wilson et al he can put 92-29-96 back together but I’m ok leaving them apart for now. I really don’t give a crap about presentation on these podcasts, you can stammer as much as you want, skip ice-breakers and all of it when you give us strong insight like that.

    Lots of lifelong, diehard Knights fans in the building, it was fun to watch them file out early. IMO it’s bush league enough to do a goalie chant in someone else’s building every time your goalie breathes near a puck, but for a mediocre backup like Malcolm Subban? Really? Not as many VGK lovers randomly high fiving each other after the game as there were beforehand.

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