The BSN Avalanche Podcast comes back from the holiday break to break down Colorado’s disappointing 2-1 loss to the Vegas  Golden Knights.


  • Ok, so for the first time EVER, listening to a podcast, I had to turn it off. I am so tired of Dater and AJ talking, no, yelling over Jesse when he is trying to say something. I understand that you all want your opinions heard, but being flat out rude is no way to make a statement. Everyone, including Jesse, is entitled to his opinion. Y’all need to listen more.
    One thing that I did listen to, is on the power play, Dater was asking what happened to the drop pass to get things set up. Did you not watch the games against MTL and CHI? Each of those almost had a disastrous drop pass event when opposing players were looking for it and intercepted the pass for a scoring chance. I for one am glad they’ve shelved it for now, but they do need to set up better than they have been.

  • AD tends to resort a bit to hyperbole, doesn’t he? But fundamentally, the Avs have an issue with being over reliant on their top line, who have admittedly been on fire for the majority of the season so far! AD and Jesse talked about the scoring of other three lines somewhat erratically. But it seems to me the big issue isn’t even the bottom six as much as the discrepancy between first and second line. Certainly that seems to be what sets apart this team from the team in its glory days, when Sakic’s and Forsberg’s lines delivered a legendary one-two punch.

    So for me the focus is on Compher (or as I like to think of him sometimes: O’Reilly light) and Jost right now. Compher has bounced back admirably from his injury and outside the top line is the most consistent scorer at the moment. Nonetheless, does he have the potential to develop into a player like Factor or is his ceiling simply lower. The big elephant in the room, however, is Tyson Jost. I recall the podcast where he was being heralded as the next Jonathan Toews. His point production has been entirely absent this month and his play-by-play doesn’t really look any better. Forwards don’t really have the luxury of development years, which means that 18/19 is a make-it-or-break-it year for him.

    In that regard, I still wonder if it would make sense to break up the top line and even out the scoring punch a bit and maybe get a guy like Jost the lift he needs.

  • PodQ: how much are the injuries to Wilson and Kamenev hurting? Underrated contributor to this ugly stretch, IMO. That could be 2/3rds of a solid bottom 6 line, or nice complimentary middle6 pieces.

  • The final segment of this podcast was ridiculous. Absolutely appalling. I was tuning in on my way to a late Christmas celebration this morning and I showed up in a bad mood because I had just spent the last 10-15 minutes listening to Dater rudely yelling all his points over Jesse..who by the way, handled himself very professionally.
    BSN Avs, your coverage and knowledge of the game is good. Because of that and my desire for Avs content, I’ll keep coming back. That said, the podcast royally sucks. Until you guys can at least pretend you like each other, your podcast will continue to suck. Spend some time with the BSN Broncos guys and pick their minds about podcasting. Zac and Ryan get it. They’re fun to listen to. Not because of how much they know, but because they like what they do and they actually like each other.

  • First a couple of thoughts on the podcast…
    A)there were spots when the audio was quite bad, making it a hard listen.

    B)and another hard thing to listen to is Dater’s ongoing issue with interrupting and taking over others.
    Dater, you’re opinion is no more valuable than the opinions of others. But it damned sure seems as if you think it is.
    Far, far too often your inexcusable behavior shuts down the thoughts of others. And it’s completely uncalled for.

    On the Avs — it has been a pretty rough December, as has been said. To me, it’s not just the losses but the amount of poor effort and lack of execution we’ve seen tat is concerning. I can handle a team that’s playing decently and losing. But, with the exception of a guy here/there, the Avs have not been playing very well.
    And trying to paint a bit of a bright picture by saying they still have a bit of a cushion in the standings so things aren’t really that bad seems like fools gold to me. If the playoffs started today, I’d bet no one would have much confidence in this team at all.

    EJ — man, the guy has flat out not been very good. Just based on play alone, I don’t think he’s been the worst Avs D man. But based on the type of play he’s capable of, he probably has been the worst.
    It was mentioned that he may be unhappy with his role on the team. That could be. He has openly said in the past that type of thing didn’t matter at all to him as long as the team was winning. Maybe he’s a bit pissed because he thinks he could help the team win more if he had a larger role. But his play certainly hasn’t been worthy of seeing more ice.

  • I really feel the AVS should make a trade for someone like Tyler Toffoli. Maybe Aj Greer, Ottawa’s third, and Colorado 2nd for Toffoli. He would be a good fit for the second line right wing.

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