AJ Haefele returns to the BSN Avalanche Podcast as he breaks down the Avs’ OT loss in the Nation’s capital.


  • Calvert is one of our most prolific offensive players. That’s why we aren’t winning games anymore. This is a disaster. Total regression to 16-17 form. 0% progress in 2+ years for Sakic. Yet he doesn’t seem to care.

    Yes AJ Greer is exactly what this lineup needs. WTF is wrong with Sakic & Bednar?

  • I had hoped that the top line would have gotten some pointers or learned some strategy about 3 on 3 play at the all star game. Most teams will skate the puck out and then throw it back to the goalie for a line change or one player will skate it out of the offensive zone while the other 2 change then pass it to one of the fresh players and skate off for the change. The Avs seem to just shoot it out essentially turning it over when they change.

  • Nice podcast but I really don’t get the consternation and aghast at showing the iPad on the offside review. Someone on Twitter, maybe Dario, was freaking out about it also. The NHL obviously has camera angles that get held back and then are shown on the stadium jumbotron and TV broadcasts as soon as the review is over. That’s exactly what happened here as Altitude showed the same view from the iPad immediately after the call and it’s obviously not a broadcast camera or angle. I’d rather see exactly what they showed – what the refs were looking at even though it was from an iPad. Altitude has many problems with their broadcasts but this wasn’t one of them IMO.

    The Landy article was epic, just superb, the best thing here since Dater wrote that MacK article right after you guys went to the paywall. probably even better. I posted a comment to that effect in the brief time the site was working right after you put it up but I think it got lost in all the problems.

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