Jesse Montano talks about another Avs home loss, and we hear from Avs GM Joe Sakic.



  1. Regarding the blue line tag up, check out page 126 of the NHL rule book on delayed off-side “All players of the offending team clear the zone at the same instant (skate contact with the blue line) permitting the attacking players to re-enter the attacking zone” that is why the play was called onside. It sucked but that doesn’t change the fact that our defense let CBJ walk to the front of the net and score, players need to be better all around.

  2. Jesse, great podcast. I agree with everything. The hardest thing for Avs fans is to be patient. We keep getting the taste of success here and there from this team and it makes us want more. We can’t help it. But, blowing up this team for the sake of doing something is not the way to go. The future is very bright and patience is the key that will unlock that future. Hopefully Francouz, Kvaca and Annunen will develop into stellar stoppers and we will be set. I like Sakic’s approach and I agree that Bednar is the right coach for where we’re going. Again, patience.
    This team has overachieved, but dang, sometimes it’s just hard to watch. Growing pains are brutal.

  3. We all know that NHL will not make their on ice officals publicly accountable to the fans or the press. When a review is in progress those officials are in verbal communication with officials in Toronto who have access to all video angles that are available. I think they should make available the audio or a transcript of the conversation among those officials. Then at least we would know how they arrived at their ultimate resolution. I believe this would be more informative than the terse statements we sometimes get now.

    I see no reason why a failed offside challenge is a “delay of game” and a failed goaltender interference is not.

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