The BSN Avalanche Podcast takes you into the weekend as Adrian Dater comes to your ears from Bender’s Bar and Grill to talk about one of the rumors that has Avs fans on pins and needles ahead of the trade deadline.


  • Big no to Duchene. He pouted and got his wish. Good luck to him but we all know he won’t be an Av again.

  • Good Podcast AD. If the Avs trade Z, I think it would be a HUGE mistake. First of all Z is still developing. Secondly, the avs defense will become softer, opposing teams won’t have to keep their heads up as much coming into the zone because the Z hammer will be gone. Who is going to replace that? EJ, IC? Maybe but probably not. Certainly not our scooter dmen. The avs need to keep developing Z, especially since he is still young!

    I also liked your discussion regarding concussions and how to treat them. Healing a guys brain vs just changing the oil as you said. Have you ever heard of concussed players undergoing Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for treating their concussions? The FDA has not approved HBOT for treating brain injuries, therefore its use for treating brain injuries is an off label use. That does not mean that people are not using it for traumatic brain injuries or TBI. Military vets are being treated for mild to moderate TBI at HBOT clinics with a remarkable success rate. They are healing their brain injuries from IED or other explosive impacts with HBOT. Yes, the sample size is small, but it is helping. If the FDA and military would get behind it, more vets could be helped. However, big pharma would rather see these vets treated with drugs not oxygen. Politics results in not doing the right thing. Anyway, I am wondering if Hockey or other pro atheletes have used HBOT to cure brain injuries/concussions? This could be a good story….. There is an HBOT Clinic near Boulder. Thanks for the great AVS coverage. hopefully the avs will right the ship asap.

  • Regarding Duchene, the core part of our team (Lande, MacK, EJ, Barrie) definitely do NOT want him back and neither does Sakic. Duchene is just not a good locker room teammate. A good person but his chemistry was missing.

  • Stick with the plan Z can be frustrating at times but his age along with his attributes out weighs any reason to trade him. Defense has always been known to be a tough position to predict and takes some time to full develop. The Avs need to stick with Z!

  • If the NHL is serious about dealing with concussions here is what I think they should do. As part of the next CBA the league and the PA at the beginning of each season would hire a panel of neurological experts who establish 2 protocols. The 1st protocol would specify the tests and the type of Dr.’s administering the tests that would deterine whether a concussion had occured. The 2nd protocol would likewise establish tests and medical personel to determine when a player could return to active status. This should establish the safety and treatment that the players want/need and give the league relief from new legal actions regarding their treatment of effected players. It would also make the protocol uniform and up to date across the league. I know some this may already be happening but I do not know if it in the CBA or that it is uniform league-wide.

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