The BSN Avalanche Podcast starts the week off with a breakdown of Colorado’s 6-3 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs.


  • Billy Madison ftw.

    Beast night for soda pop.
    it sucks that the avs have outplayed their opponents on 3 of 4 games on the road trip so far, and only have 2 points to show for it.. The Ottawa game is a MUST win.

    Id be curious to see a breakdown of Landy’s goals by type historically.. I don’t seem to remember him being THIS good at tipping / redirecting pucks in.. Been a treat to watch so far.

    All this said, I can only hope this is the win the boys need to put this fuckin rut behind them, and start stringing a whole pile of dubs (W) together

  • I don’t know what the fancy stats say.
    But to my eye, I’m starting to think Big Ol’ Carl just may have been the Avs most consistent player so far this year.
    No, he’s not the most explosive or dynamic.
    But e’s usually solid everywhere and doesn’t have a real stinker very often.
    The guy is damned steady.

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