The BSN Avalanche Podcast heads into the long weekend as Adrian Dater takes to the mic to answer YOUR Twitter questions.


  • I for one would love to hear how they train through camp and how they maintain their training all throughout the season. Being a coach (not hockey) this stuff fascinates me.

    • I agree, the sportsnet article on Mac and his summer training was fascinating. Why don’t you guys ask AVS players who is on Strava? Then we could follow them in the offseason. Actually the Strava line could open up additional questions, like who does Kerfoot follow on Strava? What books do these athletes follow for inspiration?

  • I would like to see some sort of weekly segment with a player who goes over there favorite office drill growing up.

  • Brian Rafalski? Your welcome (I think I have a couple years on you so good to know I have a few brain cells left). Also, Pacioretty is going to 30 in November and is looking for a big payday (UFA next summer) since he was vastly underpaid v production on his last contract. That’s supposedly why he nixed the trade with the Kings. I personally don’t he’s a good match for the Avs given his age and contract status. I wouldn’t give up Barrie for him.

    The 10 questions with Erik Johnson was one of the best articles from last year. You said it was going to be a series but I don’t remember another one. If you’re ever looking to do a show on offbeat questions, here’s one I’ve always wondered about: Why do they always slide Varly’s water bottle out to him during the first play stoppage of the game? He never takes it out with him to start, never seen that from any other goalie. I’m guessing superstition but have always wondered.

    • I have also wondered about Varly and his water bottle. The ice crew usually leaves fresh water bottles in the net holders before each period. I remember J. S. Giguere had some sort of condition that required him to use his own formula in the water bottle and so he brought his own bottle out when he played. His tenure here coincided with Varly’s arrival and that was when I noticed Varly sliding the bottle back to the bench at the beginning of each period and a bottle being slid out to him at the first whistle. After a while the Pepsi Center ice crew got wise and left his net without a bottle although occasionally they forget and he slides it back to the bench when he comes out. So on the surface it appears to be some ritual or superstition but I suppose there could be some other reason.

  • Personally, I would enjoy more articles getting to know the players and staff better. Loved the in-depth article on Mackinnon last season, more like that please!

  • I agree with the previous comments. I love to know more about the players OFF the ice. There are some real characters on this team and it would be fun to see what you guys see. Maybe weekly / bi-weekly random questions with players would be fun.

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