The BSN Avalanche Podcast comes to you one more time before Thanksgiving as Jesse Montano gives you a breakdown of Colorado’s 7-3 thumping of the LA Kings.


  • Hi guys!

    Great coverage, living i Denmark, I don’t see many games due to the time difference, so reading your players grades is so interesting in regards to how the team is developing, thanks for that!

    If Avs got a d-man suspended for the next 5 games, who would be the hardest one to loose right now??

  • Wow amazing game! Long time listener always listen to you guys on my 5+ mile runs heroes it entertaining! 2 part question how do you guys ages the TB4 lover when he had a great game like tonight says trade him? Why he doesn’t suck he’s great player so many points for defender even if I point out how he lacks in his defensive zone and creates chances for other teams. This guy didn’t get the fact that he’s our best valuable asset for trade since we have so many top defensive prospects here just doesn’t get it. I say why not capitalize on his skill and get a top 6 forward for him he insults me and says that’s why I’m not a gm and since I’ve never played hockey he insults my intelligence I tell him I got my info from you guys and he insults you 3 since you’ve never played. I asked him he’s here played professionally he said no but coaches hockey and plays I hate know it alls likes this. Tb4 lover he calls himself an Avs fan!

  • Huge fan of the podcast and everything BSN Avs! Do you think trading Barrie would have a detrimental impact on the Avs’ locker room? It seems like him and Mac have a great friendship both on and off the ice so would him leaving hurt the overall atmosphere of the Avs?

  • If you get bored and need a question:

    Outside of the 3-heads of our monster, and Barrie, which Av has the best chance for the Hall of Fame?

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