Jesse Montano and AJ Haefele sit down and discuss an extremely disappointing result from the NHL Draft Lottery.


  • in 2010, Hejduk and Mueller were both injured. This is the first year we’ll have a full playoff roster in over a decade

  • You want to feel better about this thing? Go to Elite Prospects and look at McDavid’s and Crosby’s pre-NHL numbers. I mean literally go do it. No one in this draft is even close. And I’m not saying that too many people said they are although I did hear one idiot compare Hughes to McDavid. But we aren’t losing out on a generational player, it would sting much, much more if that were the case. The number 4 guy is not gonna be as good as 1 – 2 but he won;t be that far off. The bottom line is that the Avs are in the playoffs but will be getting a number 4 pick. It’s still a huge gift because our GM showed some patience and fortitude when he was under assault for being incompetent. Maybe this will get Joe to go after Panarin even harder. Maybe they’ll use the pick on Byram on have EJ’s successor ready to go. Maybe they’ll use it on Dach and he’ll be so good he plays next year. It’s going to be fine. The bottom line for me is that they’re not building a Minnesota, they’re building a Tampa and that #4 pick will be a big piece. It’s bullshit what happened but it’s going to be fine.

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