The BSN Avalanche Podcast drops with  AJ Haefele and Nathan Rudolph breaking down what Colorado’s defense looks like now with Tyson Barrie no longer part of it.

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A.J. Haefele was born in Aurora, Colorado, raised in Katy, Texas and is the Colorado Avalanche beat reporter for DNVR. AJ helped launch the network back in 2015 and has filled roles as a team leader and Editor-In- Chief, along with co-hosting the DNVR draft podcasts along with his other duties. You can hear him every weekday on the DNVR Avalanche podcast.

  • AJ-What is depth exactly?
    We hear so much about Avs needing depth.

    I feel like things are so muddy after draft + trades + FA. The only agreeable by most is the legit Kadri transaction. Most agree we need him and he fills exactly what/why we got him.

    Is depth having 12D NHL looks and 15 top 9 forwards NHL looks?

    Is depth knowing where everyone fits into the Avs current plan/ long term plan or is it just getting so many players that we don’t know how they fit depth?

    Get solid players or quantity possible good players and just let them fight it out.

    Maybe it’s a quantity over quality issue.
    Is depth quality or quantity?

    I’d rather have top quality for sure’s than muddy who knows where they fit quantity.

    We know MacK, Landy, Rants, Kadri, Makar, Girard, Byram, Newhook, Kaut, Bowers are quality NHLers. That leaves so many questions. Questions seems like an unorganized quantity plan.

    The thing I like about Kadri is, no one said he’s bad, or can’t score, or it’s useless to get him.
    We KNOW what he brings. We are not guessing or hoping.

    Just feels muddy instead of a clear plan.
    I realize Avs made transactions and then others came to fruition leaving a previous transaction strange (getting Byram, Connauton, Rosen, Helleson in the last 2 weeks).

    We never heard Barrie for another Defensemen. It was simply for a legit forward.

    We picked up Byram, Helleson, Connauton, Rosen when we had Graves, Barberio, Timmins, Meloche.

    Who knows what would’ve happened but maybe getting Turcotte + Newhook or Caufield or Boldy or Zegras would have been better than so many D and F options.

    Bellemar should be Kamanev or Bowers
    Rosen + Connauton s/b Graves or Timmins
    Donskoi s/b Kaut

    How much does Bednar trust NHL experience vs. giving young players a chance.

    It’s strange that Jost has a free pass so far.
    We’ve got good prospects but keep plugging lineup with NHL experience. We saw the over reliance of Bourque and Dries.

    Confused and muddy.

  • Don’t get me wrong. I firmly believe we are better than game 7 last year.
    I love Kadri pickup.
    I like Donskoi & Burakovsky…just don’t know they can drive play and produce.
    Bryams an awesome pickup and Newhook just looks sweet.
    Switching Bourque and Dries (15 points ish) our for Donskoi + Bura 50+ pts is awesome.
    Just thought I’d feel like we’re legit contenders now instead of def better but SO many questions.
    Confident vs fingers crossed.

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