The BSN Avalanche Podcast drops with AJ Haefele and Nathan Rudolph finding the best fits for the Avalanche at picks 4 and 16 as well as taking another look at the conundrum that is Arthur Kaliyev.


A.J. Haefele was born in Aurora, Colorado, raised in Katy, Texas and is the Colorado Avalanche beat reporter for BSN Denver. AJ helped launch the network back in 2015 and has filled roles as a team leader and Editor-In- Chief, along with co-hosting the BSN Denver draft podcasts along with his other duties. You can hear him every weekday on the BSN Avalanche podcast.

  • I really feel like they need to take a massive home run swing and get Caufield. If his scoring ability translates to the NHL, it would be huge for this team. Whether that is taking him at 4, or trading up from 16 to get him. It feels like Chicago is taking Turcotte. What do the Av’s think of Byram, is the question… Say you took Caufield at 4 and landed Newhook at 16, or traded up for Krebs, youd have to feel pretty good about the draft. Landing the drafts potential best scorer and the center of the future on line 2. Pick 4 is a gift from Ottawa, go big and land the scoring we need with Caufield.

    • Nah man, Caufield at 4 would be crazy imo. I wouldn’t even trade up one spot to get him tbh. If go for that big homerun at 4 I would 100% go with Zegras. He almost has a russian element to his game, which I personally love so I’m biased here. A kid who’s got all the pure skill in the world but who also has to get rid of some of his bad habits. But boy if he does get rid of them…Dach, Turcotte and Cozens all are a safer picks at 4 imo, which is fine. But I feel like with their last couple of 1st round forward-picks the Avs went a rather safe route. So I wouldn’t have a problem if the Avs go Zegras at 4 and then pick more conservatively again at 16.
      AJ, you mentioned there’s a solid chance the Avs take him at 4. Do you know for a fact that they like him or is this just a guess?

      • I totally see your points there. I just feel like they always go the safe route, and that rarely pays off in a big way. Jost and Kaut don’t seem like they are big time goal scorers. Not that they were drafted to be, Just think they could really use one. I can’t say I’ll really be disappointed with whoever they take.

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