The BSN Avalanche Podcast drops with Adrian Dater and AJ Haefele breaking down the 5-2 victory by the Colorado Avalanche over the visiting Calgary Flames.


A.J. Haefele was born in Aurora, Colorado, raised in Katy, Texas and is the Colorado Avalanche beat reporter for DNVR. AJ helped launch the network back in 2015 and has filled roles as a team leader and Editor-In- Chief, along with co-hosting the DNVR draft podcasts along with his other duties. You can hear him every weekday on the DNVR Avalanche podcast.

  • The NHL will probably never consider this but the standings would be more legitimate if they would (1) give the losing team zero points in overtime and shootouts and (2) only give the winning team one point for a shootout win. This would eliminate the “play for the point” mentality that makes the late stages of tied games so boring and would give the shootout a lesser value since it is basically a skills contest. Also the NHL should reconsider having the number 2 and number 3 teams in each division play each other in the first round. This removes 4 of the best teams from the playoffs too early.

  • This podcast is so much better with just AJ & AD. Pure gold. I think Jesse’s a good guy, just his voice and hockey opinions are somewhat irritating and he has basically taken over the podcast. I’m pretty sure Jesse has had more audio time on this podcast over the last few months than either AJ or AD by a wide margin, and it’s not good. It was ok at first when he was kind of just a third voice in the background once in a while, but he’s totally changed the entire complexion of the podcast, very much for the worse in my opinion. I haven’t noticed until this one, without him for the first time since summer I think. Jesse, if you happen to read this, try not to take it too personal, it’s just MY opinion based on MY perceptions of reality. You should talk less though. I don’t love the sound of your voice as much as you do. Also the whole dynamic between AD & AJ seems WAY better without JM. I think my pre-JM memories agree. AJ and AD’s relationship on-air seems to be going straight downhill as Jesse’s air time has risen.

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