The BSN Avalanche Podcast presents its first postgame show of the week as AJ Haefele talks about the Avs’ 4-3 OT loss to the Florida Panthers.


  • I watched the video of Bednar’s post game comments from last night and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen him that pissed off. It’s subtle but evident. He looks like he wants to put his hands around the throat of the next person who asks him a stupid question. I recommend for anyone who thinks Bednar doesn’t get emotional to watch it. He’s seething.

    I once worked with a guy named Bogdan, a croatian who grew up in Canada. He pronounced it “Bo-dan.”

  • But serious ?? why AJGreer and Ago not playing ?so pathetic…..Bourque is a AHL player and Dries a 13th Forward ….I m happy that they lost whith them In the line up , hope they understand…….and what did AJG did To have that treatment ???. Weird

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