The BSN Avalanche Podcast returns as Jesse Montano and AJ Haefele get together to break down Colorado’s 5-1 win over the Calgary Flames as they wrapped up their first round series, and head into round two.


  • Awesome Mack analogy of the retriever told to stay when a rabbit runs across the lawn then coach says ‘go get him boy’. And the sleeping giant remark was brilliant. Maybe these AM pods suit you A.J.! When you mentioned Eagles players being available if they lose to Bakersfield, who in particular where you considering? Greer and Toninato been the best Eagles of late?

  • Experience is only valuable if the lessons learned are applied. And I think the Avs have done just that.
    I used to think the old cliche about playoff experience being so important was just smoke. But I’m starting to believe it now.

    As for this series, I think it comes down to two things:
    1 — the Avs in to win it mindset made a difference. Everyone seemed more focused and determined.
    2 — the high octane Flames of the regular season never showed up. They looked like a deer in the headlights of an 18 wheeler.

    • I’ve always been iffy on the supreme importance placed on experience. I think it’s really successful experience that matters and now that Colorado has won a playoff round, we’ll see how much they can stretch their legs for real.

      • Agreed
        We figured out how to not win a series last year. We applied it and grew to a higher level. Playing to our potentially finally is showing up with tangible results. What are we like 12-2-2 in last 16…f n awesome.

  • A series wrap-up podcast. What is better??
    A few observations—–
    *Ok Columbus fan. Matt Calvert. I get it now.
    *Sandpaper is best in the playoffs and 11, 37, 16, 28, 92 and even 57 showed up in spades.
    *Holeeeeeeee sheeeeyat, is Makar smooth. Knows when and where to jump (notice on his goal, he looks back as he crossed blueline just before taking drop pass to make sure nobody was behind him), his skating is effortless and his on ice awareness is already top shelf. Snaps off tape to tape passes with ease. Can you imagine this kid with 200 games under his belt?
    *We’ve obviously watched Mack take the huge leap into true super stardom last season, back it up this year and take it up a notch in the playoffs, BUT the visible progression of Rantanen from the day he was drafted most notably how he used his body this season has been so cool to watch. Like Michael Jordan over the years, Mikko seems to be adding things in his toolbox each season and getting better at everything else at the same time. I don’t need to tell you this kid is special but hell, what is the talent ceiling? I’d be shocked if his number this summer doesn’t end up just under 10 million dollars.
    *If Mack controlled the ice, Z patrolled the ice and seemingly took Tkachuk off his game for the rest of the series with one big hit.
    *If Wilson was a guy who could remain healthy I WOULD resign him, but he isn’t. I appreciate his solid play the last few weeks, but too many kids behind him waiting to prove themselves (I’m a tough GM).
    *Happy for EJ and Barrie to taste some success.
    *Been real, Semyon, but your time here is up (back to tough GM mode)
    *Great to see the rest of the world catch up to what an explosive freight train Mackinnon is. Canadian media is gushing over him.
    *****WHO is the player Dater teased a couple weeks ago that he has inside knowledge of the Avs targeting in the off season???

  • AJ that ending got me so hyped! You couldn’t have said it better. I couldn’t be happier with the coverage you guys provide, you make following and cheers for the Avs a hell of an experience. Let’s see what this team can do next round

  • As always, BSN is delivering the best Avs coverage, & it’s a pleasure to consume! Any desire to interview the opposition media? Would be neat to get their view of the Avs.

  • This is the perfect episode to show any non avalanche fan or analyst who are dumbfounded that the avalanche did in this series. As well as where this team is headed. Was said best, “POTENTIAL REALIZED”. Team will only get better as well adding system graduates, future firsts and free agency.

  • I agree with everything said in the podcast aout why the Flames lost the way they dd. In addition I think these were compounded by the mental, subconscious aspect of these teams. By this I mean Calgary had the Pacific sewn up as the season wound down in March so they coasted into the playoffs. Their record down the stretch was .500 or one game over .500 from the beginning of February. They came in as the West’s top seed and would be playing the 8th seed Avs who at midseason had won only 3 out of about 20 games. Then they won game 1 4-0 and must have thought both conscientiously and subconsciously that they were on their way. This was a perfect setup for them to feel gut punched and confused as they lost each of the next 4 games while their goalie was standing on his head.

    The Avs on the other hand had to take a deep look in the mirror at this same time period especially after the loss to the Ducks. They had find out what they were made of as they won 8 of their last 12 games. So as Calgary coasted the Avs drove into the playoffs. Calgary needed to refind their edge and failed to do so while the Avs were already there and were looking to take their game to the nezt level.

    Perhaps there is a parallel in the East with the Blue Jackets and Lightening?

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