Are you as ready for round two as we are? Well we’ve still got a few days to go before the Avs get back on the ice, so! Jesse Montano and AJ Haefele catch you up on all the news from around Avs Practice, and the rest of the NHL.


  • I watched an U18 USA team so much better than Russia that 5v5 was completely dominated by the Americans. Really, it was like watching when the Avs were completely out corsi’d by opponents, a few years ago. There are possibly 7 first round picks for America, including Hughes, while Podkolzin had zero other Russians slated to go in the first round. Simply, the Russians were way over matched, and assessing Podkolzin on what looks like a mediocre Russian U 18 team might not be all that great a look. The weight of the team is completely on him, while the US team has little pressure on individuals when the team is so superior. I didn’t see Turcotte or any American other than Hughes look outstanding in comparison to Podkolzin, although they scored more. Hughes, yeah, he’s on another level. Fuck, we missed out.

    Podkolzin played a good full ice game, and looked good defensively. He played all aspects of the game, including the PK, and he did make an excellent pass on the second goal. I’d still take him for the Avs.

  • I’m not one of the ‘everyone’ who hates the way playoffs are setup now. I actually like the division and conference rivalrys that are fostered and that the wild cards can go into the other divisions. I certainly would not want a 1 plays 16 scenario unless the league adopted a fully balanced schedule. I’ve always thought the ‘Montreal would have made the playoffs if they were in the western conference’ type discussions to be dumb because Montreal would have played a different schedule if they had been in the western conference and we have no idea what their record would have been.

  • I really miss the AJ & AD podcasts. Sometimes the shows with Jesse are hard to get through. AJ&AD together without Jesse is golden. Where did those shows go? That’s the whole reason I got into listening to this podcast regularly.

  • Going back to 1-8 and reseeding in each conference would be fine, but I have zero interest in seeing it go 1-16, and I have to believe that the NHLPA would probably push back against that idea too, not just for the potential huge increase in travel but for the loss of division/conference rivalries.

    Completely agree with the ridiculousness of the flood of online criticism about the playoff system itself. If Tampa and Calgary had just gotten their shit together and played to the best of their abilities, and remotely resembled the teams they had been for the past six months, there would be zero talk of the playoff format being imbalanced right now. Their failures are on THEM, not on the NHL for not giving them an easier path through the playoffs. Both teams were significantly outplayed, but also noticeably outcoached – Tortorella and Bednar both deserve a ton of credit for implementing game plans to stymie the league’s most potent offenses and the players deserve credit for executing it, while both Tampa and Calgary looked like they expected to just be handed a ticket to the 2nd round without any adjustments on their part.

  • Great Podcast guys!

    As far as the Playoff schedule goes, I would be against a 1-16, I think the tradition of the conference rivalries are great. We never would have had the Red Wings rivalry with 1-16. I think it should go back to 1-8 with in the conferences. The present format of division rivalries can result in a conference final in the semis, look at Pittsburgh and Washington the last few years. If the NHL keeps the present division playoff format, how about adding a new twist to it, IF the 8 seed upsets the 1 seed, then they get to be the pirates that they are and steal home Ice advantage for the second round series. They earned it with an upset. Then, the conference finals would reseed based on best point totals to make winning in the regular season relevant. How bout a bone for the upstart 8 seeds??

    The conversation that it was more important for the Avs to get the #1 pick vs making the playoffs and then going deep in the playoffs is ridiculous because the the pick was Ottawa’s to begin with and our playoff success had no affect on it what so ever. The Avs would have had to totally tank for that to be a conversation. That probably would not have happened even after the mid march loss to the Ducks. Yes, getting to choose Hughes or Kakko with Ottawa’s pick would have been seriously transformational, but alas we got screwed by the lottery odds again.

    The real question would have been is it better for the Avs to not make the playoffs so they would most likely have a #5-15 pick with their #1 pick and get a good prospect, possibly the goalie Knight if they wanted to gamble since they still had a better pick with Ottawa’s anyways. I think the answer to that is now obvious given the first round success the Avs just had and what that success will do for them as a group moving forward. Let’s hope they upset the Knights/Sharks and keep it rolling. Go Avs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love seeing Nashville prove themselves to be the pretenders that they are. Top D are great, but as you said in the PC, you gotta have guys upfront who can score.

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