The BSN Avalanche Podcast returns as AJ Haefele and Jesse Montano breakdown the Avs’ huge 4-3 win over the Vegas Golden Knights.



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    For sure, those special coaches are few & fare between. Good point about the coach/team chemistry.
    And I agree that Bednar would get NHL work again if he gets canned here.
    But I think he has room to grow. And I’d hate to see that growth happen with another club.

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    I guess my rabid fandom for the Avs has waned a bit over the years. I just don’t too high or low with the wins or losses anymore.
    When the team started this year out so hot, it was exciting. But I thought they were playing a bit over their heads.
    Similarly, that really horrid stretch that started in early December was frustrating at times. But I thought the true Avs’ consistent level of play was somewhere in between those two extremes.

    On Bednar — I don’t understand those folks who are adamant that he’s responsible for the poor results and needs to be gone at the end of the season. He isn’t perfect, by any stretch. But he is the coach that got this team into the playoffs last year, coached the team to a hot start this year, and has the Avs knocking on the playoff door again this season. I don’t think he forgot how to coach in early Dec and suddenly found his coaching mojo again recently.
    I think Bednar’s biggest coaching weakness showed up just before the team started pulling out of the flaming tailspin it had been in. There were pressers where he was clearly frustrated and looking for answers. And I think there are a small handful of really good/great coaches who can help their teams through the rough stretches. I don’t think Bednar has completely figured that out yet.

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      When it comes to coaches, I think there are only truly about five at any given time who are making major positive impacts on teams. Guys like Laviolette, Trotz, Quenneville, etc. Beyond that, I think it’s very difficult to find the combination of a coach and a locker room that has chemistry and a fit between strengths and weaknesses. I think the Avs more or less are capable of playing how Bednar wants and think he’s a decent NHL coach. If the Avs were to fire him, I would be very surprised if this was his last NHL stop. I think he has a tendency to get a little stubborn in some areas and his inflexibility can lead to issues but it wasn’t like he suddenly was coaching goaltenders to let pucks in at unsustainably high rates, you know? I think this year’s team has underperformed to the level last year’s overperformed, which is to say every so slightly.

      All of this to say: I think Bednar isn’t an elite coach but there are many, many options that are significantly worse. It will be interesting to see the front office’s postseason evaluation of the situation, including assistants.

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