The BSN Avalanche Podcast returns as AJ Haefele and Jesse Montano talk about Tyson Jost’s stint with the Eagles, and the upcoming NHL All Star weekend.


  • I would like to formally downvote the new intro…I’ve not been able to get used to it. I usually like them but this one is a dud.

    Love the coverage though as always, thanks for everything.

  • The hypothetical trades show you did, and the way the Avs looked the last couple months has inspired me. Lets talk trades, hypothetically. The following is a very inexpert, creative take from a guy (me) that thinks Barrie, EJ, Girard, Kerf, Jost, Grub, and Varly are never going to win us any Cups. They do however still have some value as trade pieces. The Avs also have lots of cap space to do whatever they want with guys they might get in return, for instance, signing Ferland long-term.

    Throw in a piece or three for any of these if you don’t think it’s enough (like Ghetto, Nieto, Barbs, etc…):

    Varly & 2nd & 3rd for Quick
    EJ and Barrie for Dougie Hamilton and Ferland (and we sign him)
    Jost & Kerfoot for Nylander
    Girard and Grubauer for JT Miller

    Then your team looks like this next season and beyond, and you have a chance of not wasting the Top Lines glory days:

    Top Line
    Nylander-JT Miller-Sodo-Ferland-Hughes or Kakko-Free agent signing this summer

    Hamilton-Zadorov-Free agent signing this summer

    Francouz-Free agent signing this summer

    Retain 2 firsts and a third in 2019, plus all other prospects currently in the system and all picks in coming years.

  • Trade Fantasy Question: What would it take to get Gibson, and is it even possible? I realize Anaheim is probably unlikely to move him, but they have their own struggles and we could feel their need with prospects/picks. I’m willing to give either first round pick, and/or a prospect that isn’t Makar, and either goaltender obviously.

    I know the tendency by teams when they make a move like the Avalanche did this summer in picking up Grubauer stick with him to save face, but IMHO he is a clear bust and Sakic and Co need to just say ‘oops, that didn’t work’ and move on.

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