The BSN Avalanche Podcast tries something new today as AJ Haefele and Jesse Montano grade your hypothetical trade deadline deals.


  • NJD Nico Hischier >< CBJ Elvis Merzlikins

    Buuuut I think i missjudge the value of theese guys here. I just love Elvis. He just looks so strong in net. And quite consistent too.

    Something like that even possible? With Hischier, the Avs could afford to loose a young center in a deal too.

  • How about EJ for Dougie Hamilton straight up?

    Are we sure Joe shouldn’t be trying to get whatever he can for Jost at this point? 0 points 2 shots in three AHL games so far, playing on the top line. Going from bad to worse. AJ why do you think he’s worth more than Compher, or Greer? Jost is showing every indication of being a total bust right now, isn’t he?

  • How far into Hitler’s burning house do I have to go to get Quick? Because I’m willing to put on a respirator and have you hose me down to go do it. You realize if we take Quick it’s gonna burn even faster, right? Varly, Greer and a third? That far in?

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