The BSN Avalanche Podcast finishes out the week by living up to its intro and taking you inside the locker room.


  • Hey guys – regarding the goaltending situation… let me throw something kooky at you here. While the Avs were wasting time with Spencer Martin, the Oilers came into Colorado and signed Shane Starrett out of Air Force, right under their noses. Check out his stats in the AHL this year – he’s like 22-4 with a 2.25 GAA. AND his entry level contract expires July 1. Any chance you guys can cover a “Plan B” approach in case the Avs decide not to bring Varly back? What other options are out there? I’d love to see them pluck Starrett away from the Oilers and bring him back to Colorado.

  • What was with the song and editor commentary towards the end? Also, having never seen Animal Bouse, the two German references to Pearl Harbour perplexed me… ?

  • Very strange podcast. First, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour, not the friggin Germans.
    Second, what’s with the song in the middle of the podcast? Did you have to make it a certain length, so you added garbage time? SMH

  • Great car choice. Myself and several of my pilot friends have EV’s. Going from the BMW to a no-maintenance electric vehicle is going to free up a lot of head space that went to worrying about how to pay the Germans for that little part you needed.
    Speaking of the Germans, who hasn’t seen Animal House and why not? Great reference.

  • Got the German’s joke, but the Jesse song edit was just bizarre. Let’s keep the edits professional… K?

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