AJ Haefele and Jesse Montano are back! They take a look at the Avs’ dominant performance against the Jets, talk some trade deadline, and you hear from the founder of Eurolanche!


  • Josty pulling that puck out of mid-air to put the shot on net (far-side for the ‘pad pass’) on Soderberg’s goal and that saucer that he threw over the defender’s stick to Landy, not to mention his 2 goals are some of the most hope-filling events to happen in the Pepsi Center in quite some. Whatever happens this season the future is bright. They’ve looked like a different team the last 2 games and not just because of the goaltending. Tight checking, hard on the puck – disciplined. Just wearing two good teams down and then going in for the kill. Not as exciting to watch as the first couple months but ultimately more satisfying. I agree that game on Wednesday was their best game of the season. They frustrated and then dissected a really dangerous team.

    One more thing – it’s amazing how the careless stick penalties go away when you tighten up your checking. How many times has Bednar mentioned that, I wonder?

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