AJ Haefele takes the wheel this week as he discusses the big new out of the Avs organization today… Tyson Jost has been sent to the AHL.


  • Hopefully this is a good thing for Jost and the team, but time will tell. Hate to lose a first rounder over a confidence issue.
    Two questions. 1) Can we believe that Sam G’s issue is just a sophomore slump? Hoping, hoping…
    2) Does this show that the Kamenev injury is more important than originally thought??
    Okay, a third question…
    Who traded out the team’s energy drinks for sleeping potion???
    Just wondering…

  • Can you guys revisit your preseason predictions for the team. Not trying to give a pass for this skid or dismiss the idea of adjusting expectations, but wasn’t this team supposed to be a borderline playoff team?

  • Just finished listening to the pod, great job as always AJ
    Just want to touch on what we have on the team right now and would like to know what you guys think we need, and how do we get it for the long term vision of the team.

    Right now we have;

    Landy Mac Rants
    xxxx xxxx xxxx
    Compher Soda Wilson (for now maybe an AJ Greer can be given a shot if they can deal Wilson at the TDL, highly unlikely tho)
    Nieto xxxx Clavert

    Andrighetto is gone either at the TDL or end of season, Bourque is useless and should be shot to the moon, Dries may be able to slot in as the 4th line C but does he have what it takes on consistent bases. Maybe Kamanev comes back and slots in there really nice but he has now lost 2 full years of development.

    Right now this team lacks any resemblance of a second line, sure we hope that Jost can come back and fill 1 of the roles there but that is yet to be seen. Kerfoot is a nice piece but like you said he seems to be that 7th forward that is lacking a clear role, he isn’t a 2nd line center so maybe we can fit him on 1 of the wings.

    So we have the best line in hockey on the top line, no 2nd line (even tho the 3rd line is filling it out nicely they really should be the 3rd line) a more than serviceable 3rd line and pieces for an effective 4th line.

    Should this team go for it and try to fill out that second line at the TDL or sell off Wilson, Andrighetto, Borque, Varly, Barbs, Nemeth and maybe even Nieto and get whatever they can. Call up some of the kids and see what you got, and then make a push for 2 premier players in the offseason to round out that 2nd line.

    Expectations coming into this season were just to make the postseason, however when they came out of the gate everyone (including myself) got excited and thought they could make some serious noise in the postseason. It turns out that is probably not the case so they should scale back their expectations and set themselves up for long term success in the offseason.

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