AJ Haefele comes to you on the BSN Avalanche Podcast to breakdown Colorado’s emphatic 6-2 win over the Edmonton Oilers, to move them within one point of clinching a postseason appearance.



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    I’d love 1 or 2
    But field has 81.5% chance at 1
    Field has 83.5% chance at 2
    I don’t want podkolzin
    I’m getting married to the idea of 4th and Byram or Cozens are all the other fourths
    I’m more excited about Makar than this pick
    If we get 1 or 2 + Makar…dream come true
    Reality is 4th and a very good player and Makar becomes cream

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    Since, statistically speaking, the Avs have the greatest shot of nabbing the fourth overall, how does who they could take there compare with Brady Tkachuk?

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    “Like tomorrow morning’s smoothie….nununununununuuuuhh…”

    Made me spit my coffee over my desk. Never change, Haefele.

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    Dude, never apologize for doing these alone, they’re always fine and sometimes great like this one.

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      Also, 2nd on hopefully never having to care about the Ottawa Senators ever again. I wish them reasonably well as long they’re never any sort of threat to the Avs and I hope the youngest Tkachuk a-hole has a spectacularly mediocre career.

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