The BSN Avalanche Podcast is back as Jesse Montano and AJ Haefele break down a shootout loss to the St. Louis Blues.



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    Last season they squeezed into the playoffs with 2nd/3rd string goalies and AHL defensemen. They gave the Preds a series with the Hamburgler. Siemens and Warsofsky. This year goal tending collapses, they seem eliminated, then come back without their captain and second top scorer. But it’s Beds’ fault. Reminds me of criticism of Malone and the Nuggets last season.

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    Agree with your coaching comments, but I’m not an expert and can’t compare him with, say, a young Jon Cooper. What did people say about Jon Cooper his first couple years as a head coach? Both he and Bednar had a great AHL career, Cooper had a fantastic first year with TBL, Bednar tried to manage Roy’s building tire fire. Bednar and the team just gets better every year. Cooper got to manage a great team the entire time. A great former player now a GM, who knows good coaching, extends Bednar. That’s what I see as a fan.

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