The BSN Avalanche Podcast drops with AJ Haefele and Nathan Rudolph breaking down their favorite options in the second round, including a little goaltender talk.


A.J. Haefele, was born in Aurora, Colorado, raised in Katy, Texas and is the Avalanche Editor and Editor-In-Chief of BSN Denver. Education: A.J. studied at Stephen F. Austin State University before moving back to Colorado in 2009. Career:  Before joining BSN Denver, A.J. had been writing for and briefly managed the popular Avalanche blog, Mile High Hockey. A.J. began contributing in 2010 with detailed practice reports, training camp coverage, and in-depth looks at Colorado’s divisional foes. He would expand his horizons with free agency analysis, draft coverage, and more day-to-day looks at the team before taking over the blog as Co-Managing Editor. It was a short-lived tenure atop before BSN Denver came calling. Most memorable sports moment: Ray Bourque lifting the Stanley Cup in 2001. John Elway winning his first Super Bowl is a very close second but Bourque winning the Cup and finishing “Mission 16W” is one of the greatest stories in all of sports. The finest sports book I’ve ever read: Big fan of “Moneyball”. The implications on the sport and the inside look at how an organization changed its attitude to exploit a market inefficiency was fascinating. One sports movie that I can’t live without: There aren’t really any I dislike. Major League and Cool Runnings were my favorites growing up but Miracle and Goon have been my favorites as an adult. Also can’t live without the Rocky and now Creed movies. Most memorable experience as a reporter: Covering the 2017 NHL Draft was a dream come true for me. I’d always wanted to attend a draft and I got to do it while covering the team selecting fourth overall. Interviewing Cale Makar after he was selected is something I’ll never forget. The sport that started it all: Baseball! My dad was an enormous baseball fan and when the Rockies came into existence, it was an instant bond for the two of us and created sports fanaticism that has defined most of my life.


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    Hey AJ, question that has nothing to do with this pod but draft related and I think sort of interesting/revealing: End of June I’m down at Family Sports for Rookie Camp, of course I can’t read the numbers on the helmets cause my middle age eyes suck. But somehow I recognize our #4 pick because he does some things that just jump off the ice (like how Makar’s skating was instantly recognizable as him or, you know, how everything Foppa ever did was instantly recognizable as him). Which player that we have a chance at has that sort of talent that we’ll know him as soon as we see him? I’m saying Dach.

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      Those kinds of camps don’t really allow for subtlety to stand out. Power forwards are going to look like garbage and raw skill is going to be on display because real hockey situations aren’t involved. I’d say Zegras is probably the guy best built to WOW people in that kind of environment. His raw skill level is really high. Dach could do it too. He’s incredible with the puck on his stick.

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        Yeah I know what kinds of things they do at rookie camp, I guess I constrained my question too tightly or added some unneeded color and obscured what I was really trying to ask.

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    Been loving the draft content lately on the pods! I have been thinking a lot about a possible trade up and actually heard Friedman mention that the Avs had been showing interest in doing so on the last 31 thoughts. I was wondering what you guys thought about this, specifically what you think it would take to do this and where would be a likely spot to target? With the extra picks and a lot of mid level prospects I think we could put together a nice package to potentially move back up into the top 10 or maybe 12-14 if one of the top guys falls (Krebs, Boldy, Cozens, Podkolzin?). The biggest barrier to getting this type of trade done would seem to be finding a team willing to trade back from those spots. Just hoping to hear your thoughts on this and keep on killing it, thanks.

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      I think we’ll probably dedicate an entire show next week to the ideas of trading back from 4 and up from 16. Lots of options available to them.

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    Any thoughts on Nolan Foote for the Avs in the second round? You probably get asked this often, but I’m curious to hear your opinion. I’ve seen quite a few mock drafts, and he seems to go anywhere from 31 to around 66. Seems to have lost a lot of stock because of a wrist injury he was playing through.

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      He’s a really interesting prospect honestly. I like his game for what it is. I’d prefer to get him at the top of round 3 but he’d bring a power element the Avs could really use.

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        Thank you, I was thinking the same. I’m not sure how high his ceiling is, but looks like he would have a high floor. The boy has got a good shot as well.

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