The BSN Avalanche Podcast returns with Nathan Rudolph, AJ Haefele and Jesse Montano recapping the Avs offseason as well as arguing over the likes of Valeri Nichushkin and the fourth line.


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  • GAAAAAAH THIS WAS AWFUL. The bickering is intolerable. It’s okay to disagree, but goshdarnit Jesse, let other people talk. I left the podcast for 6-9 months last year because the podcast got so bad with the bickering that it legitimately made me like the Avs less.

    I joyfully returned to being a BSN Avs podcast junky when the podcast duo became AJ/Rudo, so kudos to them. But if the nonsense from this pod continues, I’m gonna have to look to the market and see if I can find another Avs pod.

    • Maybe it’s because I live in NC but I don’t mind. Maybe it is because I don’t have any hardcore fans to argue with.

      • Fair enough. Just feel like it’s an attempt to replicate Stephen A, who is good at what he does, but a terrible role model. Everyone has got their own preferences.

        • That’s never the intention or desire. But we won’t shy away from arguing if we disagree on things. I mean we had a 30-minute argument over Bellemare. August happens!

        • Arguing is great, but I wish Jesse would let you finish your statements, which are always interesting and well thought out. Is Jessee trying to imitate AD? Anyway, I did get that Jessee doesn’t think Greer take advantage of his chance in the NHL, and what you thought were the mitigating circumstances (which I agree) in about 5 minutes. I didn’t really need 30 minutes of hot air. Like Mr Butt, I couldn’t listen to the pods any more when AD was on, because of that (and I wish AD well and do like him) I listen to you guys religiously and have always enjoyed Jesse. I usually don’t drivel this long, and, no – I’ve never heard of paragraphs.

  • Okay, who changed the playback format? I don’t want to sign up for Spotify or iTunes or any other foreign sites.

  • Jesse is always a little hard to listen to but overall I liked this. I do agree with Jesse in the Sodo v PEB discussion. I hope Rudo doesn’t end up getting edged out literally or figuratively by a Jesse return.
    I think Greer is Roy’s guy and the current front office has just never liked him. They setup his current contract to make it as easy as possible for someone to claim him on waivers. I can’t wait for it to happen, I am sick of being frustrated over it all the time. I hope Greer makes it with some other team, I think he has the tools to.

  • Please Jessie:

    Stop interrupting
    Let an issue go now and then
    Defer to AJ, it’s his show
    Respect Nathan, he knows more than you
    Try to start a sentence with a word other than ‘I”

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