AJ Haefele is back on the mic as he and Jesse Montano talk Zadorov rumors, what’s the latest from Ottawa, and take your mock trades on.



  1. My thinking on defensemen is that they should be good in their own zone first with any offensive input being a bonus.
    Yeah, I know fully well that’s an old school mindset. And I can see the value in in having a guy or two that bring more to the scoring table, but only if those guys are at least passable at defending.

    I like Z. I think he gives enough value in other ways right now to offset his brain farts and lack of scoring production.
    I’m also a bit disappointed he hasn’t taken an obvious step up this year, I was expecting more. But I think he still has room to grow.

    I have read lots of people who are always saying that young (particularly D) guys take time to round into form…they need a patient approach.
    And I just don’t see why some are ready to move on from Z when I think it’s too early.

  2. Might be a little late to the party here and I haven’t listened yet but I heard Huberdeau might be available? What about a swap involving him and Barrie? What are your thought on that deal?

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