AJ Haefele and Jesse Montano are reunited on the podcast to dive back into their weekly TDL Podcast.


  • Just in case you guys are still taking questions from the comment section I thought I would ask one. I am sorry if it is long winded but I do not know how to make it any shorter. The Avs started the season with what we all thought was a terrific goalie tandem in Varlamov and Grubauer. Everything looked great until sometime near the beginning of December. Suddenly both goalies simultaneously went bad. Not only did both go bad but both went bad in nearly identical ways. Both were giving up goals on soft/easy shots from long distance. Both were giving up wrap around goals by overplaying the puck carrier. Both appeared to have lost their focus and confidence simultaneously. A coincidence? Is it possible that what really happened was that they lost confidence in their teammates? Teammates who are constantly turning the puck over, not fore-checking and not covering their man. How many games in a row have we seen a turnover exiting the defensive zone, no coverage and an easy back door play for the opponent many times in the opening minutes(seconds) of the game? Are we to believe that we can fix this by bringing in another goalie and letting these skaters hang him out to dry?

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