The whole gang is back together to talk about a bad loss for the Avs in Winnipeg.


  • If Joe’s plan was to “see what he had” then Jost can’t get shoved down to the 4th line after he plays his ass off the first 3 weeks of the season, Kamenev can’t be benched to play the latest, Columbus wonder Dano, and Greer can’t sit and watch Bourque and Dano after lighting up the minors.

    If the team looks out of sync, which it does, then maybe half the forwards playing on a different line every night and every D playing with a different partner might have something to do with it. Of course the 2 boat anchors on each side of Soderberg can never be moved.

    I still have faith in Sakic and Bednar but they need to figure out what the plan is because “play with a lot of sandpaper” and hope the Mac line stays hot isn’t going to work. The last two weeks of last season should have disabused them of that.

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