The BSN Avalanche Podcast comes to you from the comforts of Blake Street Tavern as the whole gang is back together to talk about Colorado’s recent goalie woes, and take a look around the league.


  • We’ve got 3 Canadian teams in the top 5 in the NHL as of today. Obviously the smart money is on Toronto, but are Calgary or Winnipeg legit contenders this year?

  • Tell aj he needs to add more fury like he did for the bertuzzi shoulda been assault charge ! That was great stuff . If the Avs won’t show it then I want to get it from you guys !

  • The play that makes me think Varly is injured was the Stamkos breakaway. Stamkos made a crappy little move to the 5 hole that Varly barely bit on, then went blocker side and Varly looked really slow getting there. I know he’s not the spider monkey anymore but I think a healthy Varly gets that, he’s still been a great penalty shot/breakaway goalie the last few years.

    STL Trades:

    Pietrangalo for Kapanen and a first rounder?

    Tarasenko for Quick and a first rounder? (I hope not)


    Who would LaCroix be trying to trade for Quick if he were running the Avs right now? Who should Sakic trade for him? (nobody is of course a legitimate answer and would probably be my answer but I don’t think it’s an outlandish question, he was a big part of 2 cups and isn’t that much older than Roy was when he came here)

    I like it when you guys just talk hockey. The Babcock lines were great and I have no problem believing them.

  • Any idea what the record is for NHL coahes who have been fired the most in a head coach position? Just wondering if it’s a three firings and your out sorta thing….

  • Great podcast guys AD and Jesse! Finally AJ has a day off! Jesse my main man what a wonderful and million dollar idea wish I could give that to you but maybe a beer instead? I absolutely love the playoff idea 1-16 would be amazing if that would happen it’ll be a true playoffs avs best teams are rewarded for a great season! You guys rock man time to do my 7 miles during the Allen Roach podcast! Have great day guys see you soon!

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