Jesse Montano Starts off the week as he asks the question of “what do you do now?”


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  1. I totally agree Jesse. Joe needs to do SOMETHING to avoid a 30 game losing streak to end the season here. I’m not holding out a lot of hope for it though. Joe seems fast asleep. This is where I would start right now:

    Varly and Wilson and Ghetto and/or Bourque and/or Dries, and all Avs picks # 4-7 this year (no Avs picks in the 3rd or later EVER turn into ANYTHING good. Seriously list me one name that REALLY worked out. Those picks may have value to teams that know how to pick in the later rounds however)

    To the Blue Jackets for Bob and Panarin and sign the sh&t out of both of them with all that cap space. Presto!

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