AJ Haefele and Jesse Montano are back to break down a disappointing loss to the Dallas Stars.


  • I really don’t have much to say about this game other than the way the Avs play in the third didn’t surprise me.

    But I have a different take on this being the most important game of the year.
    The reason this game was so important was because the Avs have played too many games where the outcome didn’t seem to matter much at all to them.

  • RE: the Landy hit. When Comeau ran into Bishop behind the net last year even though he tried to back-up and avoid him, wasn’t a goal disallowed and Comeau jumped by a couple Dallas players? There’s a weird double standard with goalies and contact.

    RE: the notion that a perceived lack of Avs physicality is a red herring. I think you guys need to think about that a little more. Think about the first Calgary game when the Avs were up 2-0 and rolling to an easy win and Sam Bennett decided to hit everything he saw and the Avs lost in overtime Think about the first St Louis game in Denver when the Blues very consciously tried to goon it up, EJ made that hit that everyone thought would result in a suspension and the Avs lost in OT. Then 2 nights later at Detroit when they tried to imitate STL but it wasn’t quite enough because they’re such a shitty team and Varly locked things down. Then at the end of that week and road trip they went into Tampa and those guys decided to hit every white jersey they saw and the Avs lost 7-1 starting the Avs on a two month carnival of ineptitude. The Avs sure looked like they wilted under the physicality last night.

    Yes I know that’s all anecdotal. You know what’s not anecdotal? 1-8-2 without Z. Of course that little fact gathering mission will now end because Landy’s going to be out also.

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