The Colorado Avalanche are heading to the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs! And the whole gang is back to talk about it!


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    Jesse: Tyson Barrie’s great play isn’t a sign for the Avs not to trade him, it’s exactly the opposite. His value is high and we could get a true top six forward for him. With Makar, and his way lesser contract, the improvement of Sam, and the importance of physical defenders like Cole and Z, you miss the point of his perceived importance to the future of the Avs. If we do get fortunate enough to land Hughes or Kaako, we’re looking at one top six forward from having two dominating lines. Barrie traded for such a forward is prudent and possible as his replacement is ready to go in Makar, who well could be a much better all around D man, than Tyson. In my mind, Barrie is quite expendable…his offense is good, but his overall game is not, and to win the Cup, I’d take my chances with Makar, Timmins and Sam Girard to fill any offensive void Barrie might leave.

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