In this episode of the BSN Broncos Draft pod, Andre Simone and AJ Haefele analyze Vic Fangio’s history as a DC and what that means for the Broncos 2019 draft.

The guys tackle your questions, talk about small-school standouts, mid-round cornerbacks and a whole lot more.

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Andre Simone

Andre Simone was born in Boulder, Colorado raised in Milan, Italy and is the NFL draft and film analyst for Andre has charted every play of the Denver Broncos for the past several years and writes game grades after every Orange & Blue contest. Obsessed with the draft in all sports, he also developed stats for all four major sports and is the host of the Broncos draft podcast.

  • I think the end of the podcast got cut off. You guys were just starting to talk about Charlie Casserly’s Mock and it kinda just ended pretty abruptly. Anyway love the content and have to say the new intro is awesome! Thanks for everything you guys do!

  • Great show today, though it did get cut off. I think we should address defense in the draft and offense in free agency. I also wonder do you think we could get Simmons or Parks to gain 20-30lbs and play ILB? Do you think either of them would actually be willing to do it if asked?

  • I think a potential long term fix to at least one of the inside linebacker spots is being a bit overlooked in Joe Jones. When he tested at his pro day he had top tier athleticism and he flashed that on special teams and whenever he got an opportunity on defense. Pro Football Focus had him highly rated in his limited play and that paired with fangios expertise at the position gives me hope that Denver has a diamond in the rough just waiting to be put to use. So what are your personal thoughts on Jones and his potential to fill one of those spots in the coming years?

    • Not necessarily draft related but I figured with all the talk on the draft pod about linebackers you were the guys to come to

  • Real talk – I love the content! A lingering question i have is on Cravens. Do you think he fits the Fangio mold for a coverage ‘backer? He didn’t get much game time and I didn’t notice him flash when he was in there. Could this be his resurrection or maybe he isn’t even on the team? I badly want him to be that guy for us!

  • Good to have you guys back!! During senior bowl week I fell in love with Andy Isabella and I think it’s safe to say that you (Andre) fell in love with Terry McLaurin. I was wondering if you could compare the two prospects and where you think they will go in the draft. They would both obviously bring “juice” to the Broncos offense if they were drafted but I’m assuming would have different roles. While I think either would be a welcome addition to Broncos, I’m leaning more towards Isabella. Here is my main argument, If he were to be drafted by the Chiefs that would be an absolute nightmare. Draft him to keep him out of Andy Reid’s hands plus I think he would be there early in the 4th for us to pick. Thoughts???

  • Hey fam. I know we don’t talk about QB enough, so I thought I’d leave a thought. I just dropped Haskins to QB3 on my board, with my reasoning being a big question on velocity. I’ve noticed it on a lot of passes, but deep balls in particular. He can physically get to any spot on the field, but passes seem to float in with no velocity. I’ve counted multiple throws broken up by a defender due solely to the extra time it takes a pass to get there. Am I just seeing things, or is this real, and how much does it matter when entering the NFL, which has smaller windows and more athletic defenders?

  • Dre, 2 questions for you:
    1st: John Ross holds the record for fastest 40 at the Combine at 4.22 seconds. If anyone is going to beat him this year, who will it be?
    2nd: What does the future hold, in Fangio’s defense, for Alexander Johnson, Demarcus Walker, Keishawn Bierria, and Dymonte Thomas?

  • As always, I appreciate the heck out of the draft pod. You guys add so much value to a BSN subscription.

    Can you do a ranked list of each QB in this class according to their DPR?

    Thanks as always for the content.

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