On the latest edition of the BSN Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Andre Simone are coming to you from BSN Headquarters to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys dig deeper into the Joe Flacco discussion, answer listener questions and more.

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Ryan Koenigsberg

Ryan is the co-founder of BSN Denver and a full-time Broncos beat reporter for the network. As a double major in journalism and communication from the University of Colorado, he helped launch BSN Denver back in 2015. You can also listen to him every day on the BSN Broncos podcast.

  • Hey guys this is from Wednesdays pod. I was behind a day on the but as soon as the I heard about the flacco trade skipped forward because I needed your input. I just wanted to say thanks because I like this trade now I didn’t realize the money was as favorable to the broncos and there is two QBs in the NFL that have just frustrated me on third downs Flacco when we play against him we can’t get home off the feild and we couldn’t keep Keenum on the feild. As long as we get our future in the draft I’m on board. But like you said this has to be part of plan not the plan!!!!! Thanks guys and missed hearing your takes.

  • Zac, you seem too focused on first round QBs. The last 6 Super Bowls were won by teams that weren’t starting a first round QB that they drafted AND the last first round QB to win a ring was Joe Flacco himself. It isn’t even recency bias.

    The last QB to win multiple Super Bowls for the team that drafted him in the first round was Eli Manning – drafted in 2004, 15 seasons before the upcoming 2019 draft and before rookie wage controls.

    • These are really great points, but I see where they’re coming from though. The game of football has changed in just the last 3 years and young QBs are getting better and better. The focus is because of the enormous contracts, cap space and who they can afford to put around a young, inexpensive QB.

      • 5 years control for 1st rounders vs 4 years cheap labor for other rounds. Plus it’s a lot more likely to have someone take your guy in front of you when you wait around until the later rounds.

        • I question that 5th year option of an elite rookie QB. We’ll see the first holdout over the option very soon – which will moot the whole 5th year option anyway. You just saw it last season with Aaron Donald which resulted in a huge extension and with Khalil Mack which resulted in a trade – that’s a lot less money than the QB position.

          Sure, if the QB you draft is medium you get a fifth year for cheap. Hooray!

          On the other hand, if Mahomes goes off again next year, I would expect him to hold out for that huge extension a whole two years before his deal ends. Silver linings.

  • As far as your FA conversation goes, I think we should let go of Stewart and sign Earl Thomas. That would for SURE be the biggest move in FA for us. Elway has been vocal about the importance of the secondary (specifically he said CB is almost as important as QB) and we might be able to sign Thomas on the low because of his injury.

  • Hey guys, love the Flacco talk and backing me off the edge a bit. I am still standing here ready to jump, i am just 10 feet from the ledge now lol. I hate Flacco and after what i am sure is going to be a let down season, i am sure it wont get any better, that is what it is. My question is has Vic or anyone addressed what i really believe Denvers biggest need is in someone or something that can cover a damned tight end. Do you guys think Denver has someone in house besides Sua or they looking for someone to help fill this problematic hole in Denvers ship? If so who do you guys think is a fit here.

    As always thanks for the great coverage, i stumbled onto the BSN one day looking for my first ever podcast to listen to, i got lucky, and won the lottery of podcasts!!

  • I believe the Broncos will draft a QB, because there’s no way we go into the season with Flacco and Hogan on the roster exclusively. Elway knows with a new coaching staff, there’s no better time than now to inject youth to the most important position. It only seems logical. Whether it’s a quarterback in the first round, or something later that weekend there has to be a youth movement, especially with a more stable guy like Flacco in the stable.

  • Hey guys,
    I think I may have a different perspective on the Flacco trade. Flacco is 34 and sat out half of last season. Is it possible that Elway isn’t necessarily looking for a bridge quarterback? Manning was older than Flacco when he got here and was more of a gamble due to his neck. What if Flacco is our QB for the next 3 seasons? He’s an insurance policy in that he gives us a much better chance to win a Super Bowl while we still have the young versions of Miller, Wolfe, Harris, Sanders, etc. I think Fangio can make that defense much better with a couple good free agents and injecting some swagger back into this defense. In the meantime they have 2 drafts to find their QB of the future. What if Flacco comes in and gives us 1 more TD per game compared to last year? That would have won 5 more games and tied 1. If you look back at the tape last year there were so many games where had you swapped out Keenum for Flacco for just one or two plays, we get another TD per game. I’m not saying I love this trade but certainly feel way more encouraged after this trade than I was when the Keenum signing was announced last year.

    That being said this could blow up in Elway’s face and we’re having this same conversation next off season.

    Your boy J-Ro

  • Calling restaurants “fast-casual” is just putting lipstick on a pig.
    Stephen A Smith makes me turn the volume on the TV down at least 5 notches on my TV.
    Mike Klis makes me play podcasts at 2X speed whenever he is a featured guest.
    The American Water Works Association holds an annual Best of the Best Tap Water Taste Test if you guys want to see who really has the best tap water.
    Joe Flacco may have beaten Kaepernick but if half of the lights hadn’t gone out, the 49er’s would have run away with that game.
    I lived on the opposite side of Illinois from Chicago but I go there pretty often, next time I’m there I’ll look into Meat Heads.

  • I subscribed on this latest promo so hopefully we win. My name is Joel like Billy Joel.

    Fellow Broncos fans chill. Flacco isn’t a marginal upgrade to Keemun he’s a big upgrade. I didn’t want the trade I want a rookie starting early like week 4 but that won’t happen now. What this does do is let a proven veteran with a ring and huge arm teach the next huge arm to come into the NFL. It also lets us trade sanders if we have to. I’m not advocating for that but now we can. Flacco is obviously mentally ahead of a rookie so he doesn’t need an Emanuel Sanders who at will can get open. He’s not Manning by any means and throwing covered wr open but he’ll do it better than a rookie. Bring in a Matt hasselback of wr to bring a veteran voice to a young wr Corp but with the understanding that he’s the 3rd or 4th wr. Then you can have Flacco teach young rookies how to run and catch in the nfl and the vet wr can help with all the little things. Then when Flacco gets hurt week 9, It’ll be an easier transition to Lock. Just my thoughts. Love the show thank you for giving me Broncos news while living in Indianapolis last year and Seattle this year.

  • Hey guys, should we bring out the Matthew Berry “Wacko for Flacco” moniker? Seems everyone is panicking and I don’t get it. Completely agree he’s an upgrade to Keenum and will be a better teacher for whoever we draft (likely Locke). I will be shocked if we don’t still draft a QB.

    I’m surprised this news has come out so early, is this typical? I don’t remember hearing news of a trade so far in the future before. I suppose they had to if multiple teams interested in Flacco. And if it has happened a lot before (with any team), have any of those trades fallen through before the new league year?

    Also, don’t forget about Torrey Smith as Flacco’s big play WR threat for a number of years in Baltimore.

    Keep up the great work, amazing you guys are able to churn out nearly 2 hour pods and all the site content you do each day.

    Final note, I was just back in Denver for a quick family visit last week and was able to hit up both Dog Haus locations. So good – Need to get these guys to go international!

    Kevin in the UK

  • Well, Well, Well… Coming around to trading down from 10? I’m in on Murray and wouldn’t mind Lock but also wouldn’t mind seeing a trade down. Also, there is a history of teams trading up for non-QBs (Davenport Last year, Julio off the top). If we did trade down, I would like to see that pick go to Miami Vs Washington: New HC, Weaker Roster, and Washington was in the hunt last year before Alex Smith went down.

    Additionally, Can you guys confirm if Keenum’s contract has offset language (i.e. 7 mil guaranteed until he signs with another team then Denver pays the difference.)

    Thanks Guys, Keep it up.

  • Heyo, I just had to chime in after somebody saying Chipolte is fast food. There is nothing further from the truth. Chipolte, simply put, is delicious healthy food fast. There are even Chipoltes that have beer, that’s incredible!!! Unfortunately I live in Montana and our beer and wine licensing is super wack so alas at our Chipoltes I can only have water (gotta say Montana water will give Colorado water a run for it’s money, and I’m from Colorado so have had experience with both.)

    Ok, on to some football talk. When I heard about the Flacco trade my only reaction was …meh, well I guess that happened…cool. I certainly didn’t have the emotional, visceral response that it seems other Broncos fans had, I will have that reaction though if we don’t get Drew Lock at 5 or 8 or wherever in the draft. This move to me just points 100% to Lock being our guy.

    Merci Gents!!!

  • I’m gonna be a little all over the place here, fellas. Please hang on.
    1) I think you’ve tapped a vein here with the food theme pushing into your programming. Rebrand the podcast “Food & Football”? That’s trademarked so I’ll expect royalties.
    2) Zac professes to be the authority on what does and does not constitute “fast casual” vs “fast food”. Please provide your guidelines. I, for one, cannot discern the difference between 5 Guys, where you stand in line and special order your food, and Chipotle, where you also stand in line and special order your food. The only (slight) distinction would be that at Chipotle you need to walk along the line building your order station by station. Surely that cannot be the only difference?
    3) I can’t tell if Ryan is A) trolling, B) trying out for a morning drive “shock jock” DJ position, C) has sustained tastebud crippling head trauma, or D) genuinely LIKES Taco Bell but stop. Taco Bell, by any measure, is absolute trash. There is no debate. It’s Mexican food as interpreted by a SoCal hot dog vendor. Stop pushing your pro-Taco Bell agenda. Stick to your local taco truck, people.
    4) I’m only with the Flacco deal if we get the QB of the future in the 2019 draft and he fills the bridge QB role. Pulling for Lock or Haskins but any of the top 3 would be better than riding with on Flacco for the foreseeable future.

    Thanks for letting me rant,

  • How absolutely brutal would it be for Flacco if the broncos draft Kyler Murray (i.e. Lamar Jackson with actual QB Skills) and he just steals the job from Flacco in training camp? Let’s get Deja Vu going for Flacco!

    I actually have always thought that Flacco is the prototypical NFL QB and I like this move specifically for the same reasons you guys mentioned – it gets Elway out of his handcuffs. This was one of the few moves he could make to prevent GM’s from fleecing him if he tries to trade up in the draft. I still hope he trades up….

    *This isn’t a question*
    *Don’t even read this aloud” (I just want you guys to see this)
    Please don’t talk crap about other Denver sports teams, banter is fun especially when it’s between multiple “teams” of people, but hearing my favorite Denver Broncos writers talk sh*t about the Colorado Avalanche is sickening. :/

    Still love your guys’s work and you’ll always be my favorite Broncos podcast. Keep up the good work!

    • I don’t think they were talking crap man, they were just pointing out that the avalanche aren’t necessarily doing the best right now, how many times have they said that about the Broncos in the past year or so. They obviously are huge Colorado fans and support each team and have the utmost respect for their colleagues who cover these teams. I think they were just having a little fun is all and driving to play up this competition between sports. I do agree with you about Flacco though lol.

      Shaka Bra

    • I promise we weren’t talking s**t. I love the Avs. I watch every game. Just a little bit of friendly trash talk because of the competition.

      Sorry that it came off that way though!

      • Thanks for commenting and clarifying. I honestly didn’t think you were meaning any malice by any comments, it’s probably simply the fact that reading so much Twitter content about both Avs and Broncos – almost everyone is extremely negative, and I’m just tired of hearing negativity about either team –

        I overreacted, sorry!

  • Just wanted to let y’all know that I re-upped my annual subscription for the contest. Gotta make it happen for RK and Zac. This isn’t a question as much as a prayer to the football gods. I know a lot of Broncos country doesn’t want Antonio Brown but I keep imagining him in the Orange and Blue and it gets me excited for football again. I know you have addressed it before but if you had to give it a percentage of likelihood right now based on rumblings at Dove Valley, what are the chances that the Broncos make a move for AB?

    As a P.S. if you guys want to come out to SLC for a Stallions game I’d gladly play host. Things are getting pretty exciting out here for Football fans.

    P.P.S. We have In-N-Out here in Utah and I would trade it for a Good Times any day. It’s good but not worth the hype.

  • The questions from the BSN fam are lit right now, as the young ones would say. Loving the long podcasts too, one and a half to two hours of Broncos talk (well honestly, probably a 50-50 split between Broncos and food talk). What a life we live. I thought I lost the podcast feed a few times on Thursday’s podcast, but it was just Ryan’s brain whirrring to find an answer to Zac’s hard hitting questions.
    Had a laugh when I saw Adam Schefter’s tweet that Joe Flacco has the most career passing attempts (5,670), passing yards (38,245) and passing TDs (212) by any player never selected to a Pro Bowl. In the immortal words of Bobby Boucher, “Now that’s what I call high quality…” …band-aid.

    I am a fan of the Flacco trade, though, and here’s my highly optimistic, most likely Ryan-approved theory why:

    John Elway: “I’m a fan of this Kyler Murray kid. He’s a multi-sport athlete like myself, and could be polarizing in this league, but I need to know that he is committed to football”
    Kyler Murray: *Commits to NFL*
    Elway: “Excellent. Now, to ensure the success of this franchise, I need a backup plan to this master plan, in case something bad should happen to Kyler. Touch wood.” (He definitely said touch wood, this is verbatim)

    *Dates and times may be incorrect, trying to convert from Australian time*
    Now to revisit some key dates:
    The afternoon of February 11th, Kyler Murray commits. John Elway’s plan to ensure success is set in motion. The afternoon of February 13th, the Broncos trade for Joe Flacco, just under 48 hours after Kyler Murray’s commitment.
    How long did it apparently take from trade talks heating up between the Broncos and Ravens to an agreement being reached?
    2 Days.
    48 Hours.
    Welcome to Denver, Kyler.

  • Hey guys OGMVP coming in, long time since I posted due to having a puppy named “Elway” Elle for short and moved into my new place. I have been continuously listening to all the updates. I have to say I was really disappointed to hear that we made this move to Flacco to begin with but am becoming more understanding with all the thoughts you have provided. Also I took a trip out west to Tahoe in January for a ski trip and in-and-out burger was good. There is this place called the Burger Stand out in KS are and possibly Arizona that I have had and they do it up with fry sauces and quality burger toppings, but casual dining vs fast food. I do want your thoughts if you have ever had DBC (Denver Biscuit Company)? Every time I come into town it is a place we must go to for brunch.

    Question Time:
    Which position group are you the most worried about going into the season at this point with no changes happening?

    What free agents on the team do you see as a priority resigning? I really liked the idea of tagging Paradis but do you think that Elway will make this move?

    What free agent players on the market would be good non-band aid players that we could add to our roster that would be more within a long term plan?

    Thanks Again and looking forward to your great off-season coverage this is exactly the time last year that I signed up and made miracles happen minutes before the deadline. Been worth it ever since.
    Your Loyalist,
    A.K.A Litvakski

  • Hey bsn fam! It’s been a long time since I have chimes in! I don’t have anything football related at the moment, because everything that needs to be said about a slight upgrade at QB has already been said!

    With that being said… WHAT THE HELL?!! How has Culvers not even been thrown into the best burgers debate yet?? Unbelievable!!! There is not a better meal at a fast casual restaurant than a double delux butter burger with cheese curds, the best Pepsi known to man, and custard sent straight from God himself!!! That is all. Thanks for everything you guys do!

  • Greetings from down under. Will “wadmania” be a thing in 2019. Who will be the #1 Punter on the team for the Broncos this year. It was great to see a bunch of Aussies succeeding as punters in the NFL in 2018 with Michael Dickson leading the way in Seattle. Camerson Johnston is also killing it in Philly, did you see footage of him hitting the Jumbotron Scoreboard with a punt kick in the game versus Dallas. Perhaps if ‘wadmania’ dies out, the Broncos could send some special team scouts to Australia to find their next player from ranks of the Australian Football League.
    Thanks Guys and Go Broncos

  • Hey guys,

    I am really enjoying the off-season reporting, especially on Flacco. I just want to thank you for pulling me back off the edge. I am coming around to the idea of seeing him under center in 2019. As I was mulling over the future of the quarterback position in Denver, I began to really think outside the box. I love Drew Lock and would be ecstatic to see him fall to 10 and get drafted by the Broncos, but what if Elway isn’t so convinced he will drop that far and wants to be proactive in order to avoid being left high and dry without a young qb. We all know Kliff Kingsbury is enthralled by Kyler Murray. Can you see any scenario in which Denver trades their pick at 10 along with another pick(s) or player(s) to acquire Josh Rosen from the Cardinals to allow Kliff to pick Murray at number one? This would give the Broncos much needed clarity at that position and allow Kingsbury to get “his” guy.

    As always, thanks and gig ’em.

  • Hey guys, does it worry you at all that the Ravens didn’t play Flacco in the playoffs this year even though Lamar Jackson looked bad that whole game? It could have been they knew Lamar was their guy of the future and they didn’t want to show doubt, but I worry that Flacco’s injury was more severe than led on and we may be getting a damaged Joe Flacco. Curious what you guys think, thanks!

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