On the latest edition of the BSN Broncos Podcast, Ryan Koenigsberg and Zac Stevens and are coming to you from BSN Headquarters to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss the latest with Chris Harris Jr., answer listener questions and much more.

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Ryan Koenigsberg

Ryan is the co-founder of BSN Denver and a full-time Broncos beat reporter for the network. As a double major in journalism and communication from the University of Colorado, he helped launch BSN Denver back in 2015. You can also listen to him every day on the BSN Broncos podcast.

  • Hey guys! Sorry for the comment that sounded like an ad. Someone asked about hidden gems in Denver a few podcasts back, and I wanted to chime in. I live in Iowa now so there’s no personal interest in the place I mentioned. It’s just a place I liked to go on weekends with friends when I lived there.

    When is Zac going to eat a Hot Pocket on the air? And the water challenge? Did that stuff get scrapped, or is it still going to happen this off-season?

  • Sup guys! New Subscriber here and I’ve got a question. Where do you see the records for the AFC West being? I think its fair to assume Denver is likely to be 2nd, or 3rd place at best but just curious where you see the rest of the teams. any shot LA takes the crown? Big downfall for KC? I think its likely:

    KC – 11-5
    LA 10-6
    DEN 9-7
    OAK – 6-10

    let me know! thanks again for everything.

    • I’d be pumped for a 9-7 this year. I think more likely for 8-8 while the d picks up fangios system. But record goes up in year 2.

  • My Shane Ray jersey was a gift from the in-laws, so I had no say in the matter. Don’t judge my judgment! I guess I should have taken RK’s recommendation to get a Justin Simmons jersey from last off season’s pods.

    On that note, what are the chances we see significant turnover in the secondary next year or even this year? Simmons under performed, Will Parks doesn’t get mentioned by the new staff, and CHJ is MIA. Would they use it as an opportunity to again spend multiple picks on the secondary like the Parks/Simmons draft class?

  • I’ve bought 2 jerseys and I have awful luck.
    1st, I bought a jersey that I thought was going to be good for the next 10 years and probably the rest of my life because I chose to wear the jersey of our young-gun franchise QB, Jay Cutler. I even bought it a size to large so I could grow into it. I had it for one season before the pipe bomb that was the Josh McDaniels era blew up in our collective face.
    Then in 2013 I was ready to try the jersey game again and bought an Eric Decker Jersey. At first it was great! I wore it at Arrowhead the day he caught 4 TDs from PFM, maybe the greatest live sports day of my life. But again, after one season Decker leaves for the Jets.
    Since then I’ve stuck to a ratty Jake Plummer Jersey and he hasn’t left yet.
    For the good of us all, I think I’ll refrain from further Broncos jersey ventures.

    -Pastor Rhett

  • Here’s my best guess at why it MIGHT make sense to pay Chris Harris more for one year, from a behavioral economics perspective: Feeling valued is a huge motivator. While money in itself isn’t a strong motivator, the perception of being underpaid is a huge de-motivator.

    So here’s the 4D chess move: We know a division rival wants to sign Harris, who is in the twilight of his prime. For just a couple million dollars, Elway can optimize Chris’ motivation for maximal performance this season. This will result in a better on-field product, but more importantly, it will inflate his value, ensuring the division rival overpays year after year throughout Harris’ inevitable decline.

    How likely is that to be Elway’s reasoning? Somewhere between “not very” and “lol wut.”

  • Regarding losing the divisions if we put the top 6 records in playoffs. I think there is still a way to keep the divisions as they are. If the teams play each other twice a year, the natural rivalries will continue just due to familiarity and past history. Also, the division winner gets bragging rights and a banner for their stadium. Not sure if they already do this, but some kind of NFL paid bonus money for each player on the winning team would raise the stakes too. Your thoughts?

    P.S. Dropswitch, put down the weed man. Try some Ritalin instead. Lol! Just kidding man. Your posts are hilarious.

    Drop switch

  • Happy Monday guys, hope you had a great weekend! Who do you guys expect to be resigned and who do you guys expect to be let next offseason?

  • Sup boys, I haven’t commented in a hot minute so this might end up being a long one…maybe, we’ll see

    I have an idea about this CHJ contract thing. What if the reason Elway is considering a raise this year is to get a good look at Chris after his injury to see what his value actually is. The move would simultaneously put Chris’ mind at ease and make him feel valued while buying John some time to look at Chris and the defense as a whole to see if he wants to make a long term offer. I know Harris’ injury wasn’t as major as it could have been but the fact of the matter is he is an aging DB coming off an injury. We don’t know how he will perform. Elway has pretty regularly extended players mid-season and I could see a similar situation playing out here.

    Zac, hot wine you were thinking of is mulled wine, you were so close when you said muddled, I was yelling MULLED WINE so loud into my computer I guess you didn’t hear me. It’s basically red wine that is steeped with various spices, such as clove, cinnamon, ginger, anise, etc. and warmed up… Its honestly pretty terrible.

    I was recently watching some of last years games and every-time Jano is on the field he basically murders somebody. There’s absolutely no way this no-necked dude is gonna take his job. There was one play specifically against the Steelers where he picked up a blitz from the middle linebacker, Bostic I think, and not only stopped Bostic’s forward momentum, he picked him up and planted him, laid on him for like three seconds giving Keenum time to find a third down conversion. Bostic didn’t have another blitz all game. That kind of play has to be so demoralizing. Love that dude.

    All this Iowa talk has me wondering if I am a neighbor with any BSNers. I live in Bozeman Montana, so if there’s any Montanans, holla atcha boi.
    I am moving to New Orleans at the end of summer though so i guess if there’s any New Orleaners feel free to holla as well.

    Sorry for the long comment but these barely one hour pods have got to get longer some way or another.
    Also, I feel like you two have really hit a stride as of late and sound like you are truly having a blast every-time you record, your chemistry is undeniable and your laughter is infectious. Keep up the good work, much love Fam.

  • Formerly Bleeding Orange Since 1983. Hey guys, I realized that my user name is very similar to several other members and I didn’t want to steel anyone’s “THUNDER”, so I changed my screen name. I had a hat made this past year that looks just like a MAGA hat, but it’s blue with orange letters that read “Make The Broncos Great Again”. I get so many sideways looks, but then when people actually read the hat, they bust out laughing. It brought a smile to my face in the midst of another miserable season last year. Speaking of laughing, if anyone out there is having a bad day, simply go on YouTube and search for “New York Giants Draft Reaction” and all your troubles will be washed away. Enjoy, and keep up the great work!

  • (copied from my buzzer-beater a few days ago) First off to clear the air on yesterday’s ‘You Guys Rule’ fiasco I added that into my comment because when I went to post it the first time I was given a prompt saying that I had already posted the comment. So I added that at the end so it would go through, but then I noticed the original comment made it on there. Regardless you guys deserve all the compliments you can get!

    Secondly about the hot water thing, in Japan it’s very much the same viewpoint. From what I’ve been told the theory behind it is that warm water does a better job of flushing the fats and oils you eat from your body. Just think about heating up a cube of fat, it instantly turns to liquid. So in Asia for the most part people believe cold water works to congeal (solidify) the fats and oils you ingest daily which leads to increased weight gain and lower health. Even though this makes sense to me I will never give up an ice cold glass of water!

    Food question! have you guys tried Switchback BBQ in Kittredge, CO? It’s just down the road from Evergreen on your way to Morrison & Red Rocks. When I was living in Evergreen it was my weekend go-to spot. I’ll even go on a limb and say it’s the best BBQ in the Denver Metro area. If you haven’t been and decide to go beware of the long lines in the summertime! They sell BBQ by weight or you can try one of their amazing sandwiches. I’m a big fan of their fried pickles as well.

  • Okay, there was a comment about Chicago Pizza that a New York subscriber which I will not name posted. Chicago pizza is the very reason why the population in this area is on average 3 pounds heavier than the rest of the nation. It has been called the city of big shoulders, I don’t think I agree with that it is the city of large appetites. Denver is my team in football but I will never say that there is another city that can play ball in the same league with Chicago when it comes to Pizza. Whether it be a Gino’s East, Giordano’s, or Lou Malnati’s. Chicago is the bomb when it comes to Pizza and steak burritos but I’ll save that for later comment. being born in Denver I will say that I agree with Ryan that there ain’t nothing quite like that Rocky Mountain Water. If I had a microphone I would drop it. This is cho- Guy in Chicago over and out.

  • Okay, there was a comment about Chicago Pizza that a New York subscriber (which I will not name) posted. Chicago pizza is the very reason why the population in this area is on average 3 pounds heavier than the rest of the nation. It has been called the city of big shoulders. I don’t think I agree with that, it is the city of big appetites. Denver is my team in football but I will never say that there is another city that can play ball in the same league with Chicago when it comes to Pizza(ask coach V). Whether it be Gino’s East, Giordano’s, or Lou Malnati’s……. Chicago is the bomb when it comes to Pizza and steak burritos but I’ll save that for later comment. being born in Denver I will say that I agree with Ryan. there ain’t nothing quite like that Rocky Mountain Water. If I had a microphone I would drop it. This is chi- Guy in Chicago over and out.

  • On the topic of Chinese water: I spent a week in China in 2015. First of all, authentic Chinese food (especially Szechuan food) is soooo much better than American style Chinese, though I love that too. We found a restaurant that we must’ve eaten at 4 times because it was so good. They served their tea scalding hot, so like a good American, I let it cool down before drinking it. CONSISTENTLY, the servers would take my cooled off water and bring me back a fresh cup of burning hot water! It was infuriating at first, but by the end of the week, it was something you just had to laugh at!

    And, to keep on topic with the pod… go broncos or whatever

    • Actually.. I do have a Broncos comment/question regarding CHJ. Sounds like the one year pay raise may be finalized by the time you guys record the next podcast (hopefully not).
      Ryan, yesterday on the pod you said Fangio defenses don’t usually have immediate elite level success. MAYBE Fangio is planning on running the Broncos CB/OLB-heavy offense in year one and slowly transition over to his front-seven-emphasis D in year two. Maybe they’re hoping Yiadom takes strides forward as well. Those are the best reasons I can think of. And that logic has me closer to being on board with the idea. What do you think?

  • Yo R.K. and Zac,

    Long time listener. Wish I could be more involved, but I’m listening from “the sticks.” Love y’all, but vomit at the mention of anything Boulder or CU…(go Lambs).

    First jersey: Ashley Lelie #85. I told my girlfriend he was the next big thing. She bought me the jersey for my b-day, then he stopped showing up for practice. Later saw my jersey on a homeless guy in Montrose. Now I only buy jerseys from retired Bronco stars. Currently rocking a signed #27 Atwater for ultimate cred.

    Ryan, I hear your assertion that you can’t “ruin” a QB, but can we admit that Trevor could’ve been a legit QB? I realize this is old news, but what better time of year to address it?

    Swear to god, Trevor is his middle name. First name: “7th Round Pick.”

    Love you guys, try Ramen with an egg, a dash of teriyaki sauce, and crispy onions from the end caps in the produce section.

  • Hey dudes,

    I’m not a fan of the Draft Lottery thing. But I also see the benefit to creating systems that discourage tanking. My personal belief is that there should be financial penalties given to the teams with the worst records. For example, the bottom ten teams would have to pay all of the playoff bonuses to the players who made the playoffs. Or teams pay the playtime bonuses given to players across the NFL, with the worst team paying the largest payout, the best team paying the smallest payout.

    Start taking money out of the owners pockets and I’d imagine tanking would scarcely happen.

    Have you thought of any other ideas to discourage tanking?

    – Burrito Chad

  • New subscriber here, long time listener. Thank you for shaming me into subscribing, love the new shirt.

    As someone who lives in George Aston’s home town, I have followed his high school and Pitt career for the past ten years, I’m happy to see more love for the blue and orange in the middle of Redskin territory. Hoping he can find himself on the practice squad just so I can keep hearing about you two talk about his neck.

    His neck disappeared during college so it must be something in the water in Pittsburgh.

    Pittsburgh and Virginia water are of poor taste compared to Colorado.

    Anyways, Thanks for keeping me feeing connected to the home town sports all the way across the country!

  • Hey guys!
    First (and only) jersey: Alternate Demaryius Thomas. I got it as a Christmas present in 2014. I’d still wear it, but I live in NH and now he’s on the Patriots 🙁
    I was planning on getting a color rush Will Parks jersey, but now I’m hesitant because of the lack of interest he seems to be getting from the coaches. Any suggestions? I’m thinking a defensive player, but not Von.

    Also, I’m one of your five listeners in high school, but I graduate on the 8th! I’m heading to the University of Denver, and couldn’t be more excited to leave the cold, boring land of NH and head to the cold, exciting land of Colorado.

    No question today, but thanks for all of the great content!


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