On the latest edition of the BSN Broncos Podcast, Ryan Koenigsberg and Zac Stevens and are coming to you from Broncos Headquarters to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss which quarterback is the better option, answer listener questions and much more.

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Ryan Koenigsberg

Ryan is the co-founder of BSN Denver and a full-time Broncos beat reporter for the network. As a double major in journalism and communication from the University of Colorado, he helped launch BSN Denver back in 2015. You can also listen to him every day on the BSN Broncos podcast.

  • Just to help Ryan, lead poisonings reference from the today’s podcast is about an orange shirt makes you a great target. (Being shot)

  • So excited for this weekend! Gonna be filled with a job interview, college and NFL football, Breck brewskis, and some ChadKanoff lol btw the ham and cheese hot pockets with crossaint crust is the best

    • Side note: Lone Star Bronco I couldn’t find the BSN Lonestar page you created on Facebook. You can add me on Facebook if that helps find it D.J. Cuthbertson I’m the one with the bearded fella wearing a red basketball shirt in his profile pic if that helps find me. Open invitation to the rest of you BSNers to add me as well

  • Welcome home MASE!!!!! An already awesome podcast just got more awesome. It’s like having John Elway, Terrel Davis and Von Miller on the same team!!! ( or pick your own 3 Bronco greats)

    Hey guys just wanted your thought on the new stadium name (Empower Field). I’m from California and am not familiar with the company.

    Bring in Steve Atwater and Take my money for a lifetime subscription !!! One can hope.

  • MASE! Welcome to the family. It’s going to be great to have you here! First off, it’s pretty damn cool to know that I will forever be part of the BSN history books by starting the whole “7 minute soak” debate. I always get a good laugh whenever it’s mentioned. Now for an actual question. I’m sure you’re familiar with the bad word, marry, kill game. So here goes, “blank,” marry, kill these three: Lynch, Siemian, and Hogan. Carry on, folks.

  • Hi guys, hope all is well.
    Super excited about the new addition to the team and look forward to all the coverage. I was at Dove Valley one day before the 2018 camp just checking it out before family vacation in the mountains. I saw Mace in the little media room thing between the team store and the practice field. Was pretty cool, I probs creeped him out cuz I kinda stood there for a little too long. But oh well, go Denver, Go BSN and go all of you guys.
    Mark in Kansas.

  • Hey Mase – 2 questions

    1. I’m sure dead tone 2 is already in post production but any chance RK or Zac can get a Rutger Haueresque cameo in Deadtone 3?
    2. Do you mind if I retell your Moby Dick / Ferris Buehler bit to my buddies? It’s literally maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.


    The Count

  • 1. My lord Zac, you best be eating a hot pocket before Monday! I’ve been waiting literally years I believe for this.
    2. Great to have Mase! Question for you 3.. if you gentleman had to name a few fun players to follow, who would it be ?

  • YOU GOT ME! I’ve been listening since last years training camp and it was just the right thing to do. I became a broncos fan around 2004 when I started playing football. I played cornerback so you can guess my favorite player 😉 I am born and raised in the HUGE city of jacksonville fl(which may not be bigger than those cities in alaska but WAAYYY more fun). I’ve never been to denver but all of that will change the end of this month!!!! I’m going the the broncos jags game!! ill be with a bunch of people that are die hard jags fans and will be chanting DUUUUVVAAAALLL the whole trip but its going to be surreal walking into that stadium. id love to hear some cool things to do that weekend. ill be there from friday morning til tuesday night. thanks for the best bronco coverage around and happy to be apart of the fam!

    p.s. i already have a broncos tattoo but i want another one on my trip. do you guys have a good shop you recommend???

  • For non-international sporting rivalries, you should not look beyond Yorkshire vs Lancashire in cricket. In cricket there tend to be more homegrown players than other sports, which makes it even more special, and the atmospheres are electric. The rivalry stems from the War of the Roses in the 15th century! Watch this video from about 4:15-6:30 and you’ll understand: https://youtu.be/dB1Rk0PoLTA

    • Update: Mase, with your Yorkshire roots you should know all about this! I’m from Yorkshire as well, and Yorkshire Day and Colorado Day fall on the same day! A match made in heaven!

  • My peoples!!

    Idk why there is so much hate for the new stadium rights.

    “Welcome to Empower Stadium at Mile high!” I love the sound of that more than Sports Authority field at mile high.

    Sure its not Invesco field like a couple of us 90s kids had growin up, but i like it.

    Hope everyone has a great day, except for you Elway…

  • Years ago I was at the Mile High Mountain Village place at the stadium listening to the live pregame show, and I told my wife “hey that’s Andrew Mason, my favorite Broncos writer, I gotta go say hi!” So I did. I returned, and she laughed at me saying I looked like I just met my favorite movie star. Years later, same wife drove with me to Flagstaff for a fricken breakfast burrito. It’s been quite a journey as a random Broncos fan, and it’s amazing to have the three of you together now in one spot. It’s a Damn Good Podcast. We are now ready for this season!!!! Bring on the Raiders!

    Also, I wanted to time the Shield 616 donation from the fantasy leagues to the start of the season, will be making the payment soon and I’ll share the note I send with everyone.

    Last in relevance but first in your hearts –

    Nacho Brad

  • Everyone’s going crazy about the new stadium name. I’m sure everyone is still gonna call it Mile High. Trust me I went through this a few years ago; here in Cleveland we had this beautiful amazing name for our baseball stadium “Jacobs Field” aka “The Jake” then it became “Progressive Field” I can tell ya not a single person I know since the naming rights purchase was made has ever called it by its new legal name. Long Live The Jake and long live Mile High.

  • If a WR or CB knows he is a fringe roster guy… why wouldn’t that player simply learn to take punts? Take a guy like Fred Brown, for example. I’m relatively confident he would have made the team if he could return punts, as he certainly showed enough to be considered a WR5 or 6. What am I missing???

    (PS. Mase, to clarify my excitement… It has already been said by others, but this move is my favorite sports podcast joining with my favorite media member. No hyperbole necessary. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better partnership.)

    -Burrito Chad

  • Hey boys. Raider’s week, looking forward to the preview episode soon.
    1. Ah, podcast magic once again.
    2. Denver tap water in Berkeley, awful. I have not drank it in the 22 years we’ve been living here.
    3. Mr. B.
    4. Mase. Do you ever drink wine and are you older than the two 27 year old kids?
    5. Zac, listen to R.K., no Philly Cheese steak hot pocket, ever.
    6. Nice to hear Dre on Nick and Carl’s pod yesterday. Week # 1 & week # 12 of the BSN Intl. FFB league, Dre vs. Iceman. I have the victory song ready.
    7. Mr. Elway
    8. AB meant to say ” The Devil is a liar. ” It’s Queen’s English, probably his 3rd. language?
    9. Glad I only drink beers with all the N. Carolina references.
    10. The Aussies, you have to love them, Denver has more sunny daze than Perth. GO BRONCOS

  • Hey BSN Rockstars!
    Long time listener, first time commenter here originally from Breckenridge, now living in Bend, OR.
    The best Broncos/ NFL podcast just got even better with the edition of Andrew “Encyclopedia” Mason!
    Wishing we had some Breck Brew options up here but I did love the Strawberry Sky when I was recently in Denver after seeing a rare Rox win at the Blake Street Tavern!

    Can’t wait for my Mile High Mafia shirt and just wanted to say awesome work, keep it up, and Go Broncos!

    • tmeeks! I grew up in Dillon and now also live in Bend OR. With all these individual state BSN groups starting up , I was just wondering the other day if anyone else from Bend is listening. Know I know. If you get a chance email me at rob@bendhomeguide.com Look forward to meeting you one day!

  • Hey fellas!
    No question here (so of course feel free to skip this) but I had a couple pieces of personal football news I wanted share:
    1) my little brother was pulled up to be the backup varsity QB! He started the season as the first ever sophomore QB to get the start on JV at his school and his hard work has really paid off. He’s going to school in the Denver-ish area and I might have to make a trip down to see his team beat up on the McCaffreys at Valor Christian. If this is the case, I’d love to buy the three of you beers if that’s a possibility.
    2) my good friend and former roommate Sua Opeta was signed to the eagles practice squad this weekend. He had the highest number of bench reps at the combine this last year and is a fantastic player. I guess I have for the first time in my life a team outside the broncos to root for. He’s seriously a phenomenal athlete and an amazing person; I’m hoping someday he winds up in Denver. God knows our Oline could use the help.

    Sorry for the long comment, I’m just super excited and wanted to share the news with folks who’ll understand my elation. Thanks!

  • Hey guys!

    I had a thought that I’d want some expansion on.

    The Cowboys are potentially going to pay a big amount for 3 guys (Zeke, Dak, Amari). I’ve not really seen this from the Broncos and I’m wondering what is the difference in organizations? The reason I ask is that the Broncos have been more successful in the last 20 years but the Cowboys get all this attention nationally. It’s annoying.

  • Ryan and Zac, as much as I love you guys, it’s nice to have someone in the room who knows how to pronounce belfry, and who isn’t surprised that Ford followed Nixon. But then, I grew up watching Floyd Little and then Otis Armstrong, so I am a bit older than you two!

    Mase, I was at that Oakland Denver AFC championship game that preceded our first Super Bowl, and that we probably should have lost (the Rob Lytle fumble at the goal line). I grew up hating the Raiders, and I have never stopped, even though I have lived in the Bay Area for far longer than the 18 years of my life I spent in Denver.

    Question: Do you foresee us being able to pick up any offensive line back-up talent from around the league, or is there just nothing else out there to add any depth? If we can’t be at least average on our offensive line I don’t see us having much of a chance this year.

    By the way, no Strawberry Sky or Breck Brew out here in the Bay Area that I can find. Send help !!

    Keep up the great work guys!

  • Hey boys, I don’t have a question, but after catching up with this weeks pods I had to comment.
    First off I’m wicked excited about Mase being a part of the team. And it just makes the subscription that much more worth it.
    Secondly as a native Kansas Citian I have to say that we take our barbecue very seriously here and it’s hands down the best in the country. Next time you guys are in town you need to try Slaps, the Woodyard, or the original Arthur Bryant’s. Or if you have time, Wabash in Excelsior Springs about 30 miles north of KC, those are my go to places when I’m craving barbecue. Oh, and Gates is hot garbage and I’m ashamed to have that as the representation for Kansas City barbecue.
    Anyways go Broncos FTR
    Dave in KC

  • I’m so hyped for this absolute butt kicking we are about give the Raiders on Monday. All I have been able to think about is seeing the first of many times where Risner destroys his guy along with the linebacker opening up a massive run for Phil. Gonna be a beautiful night for football!!! 16-0 till we’re not.

    • Following up from my last comment last week “Go dukes” is in reference to James Madison University! Greatest school in the state anybody who tells you different is just plain wrong!

  • First off Welcome to the Fam Mase. Now for the reason I had to stop mid weld and comment. Y’all telling me you never had cinnamon rolls and chili? Also Buffs are now my adopted other team just because the Nebraska crying shirt and rivalry.

  • Fun Fact:

    Had Joe Flacco played a full 16 games last year and continued on the same pace that he had through 9 games he would’ve with almost 4400 yards passing. That would’ve ranked 7th best in the league, and but him just ahead of Tom Brady.

    The means that Mahome’s would’ve averaged a whopping 44 more passing yards per game than Flacco. I think he is being overlooked, just like this entire Broncos team. I am not saying that this team is going to win a lot, but they have the pieces to be successful!

  • Hey y’all.
    Welcome Mase! The best damn podcast just got better! I honestly didn’t know who you were at first and thought the Mason Debut pod was about a new quarterback for the Broncos, which scared the s@#$ out of me.
    Let’s say Phillip Lindsay produces like has for the next few years and goes into a hold out like Ezekiel Elliot did this off-season. How would you guys approach contract negotiations with Phil in this event? Also, how do you think John Elway would handle it? I didn’t know players could hold out for contract negotiations when they still had two years on their contract.
    Thanks for your incredible insight!


  • Just in case we don’t have a Prague listener I want to keep the streak going even if it has an asterisk. My Grandfather grew up in Prague and came to the United States once he turned 18. I went to visit Prague for my 25th birthday, what a beautiful city and it felt cool walking the streets my grandfather did.
    Finally since it’s Raider’s week I have a quick story to share. When I first started dating my wife she wasn’t too into football and she didn’t really have a team. We were out for breakfast and as we left there was on of those machines you insert a quarter and a football helmet popped out. She decided that whatever helmet came out would be her team, well the football gods did not shine down on this moment. A freaking Raiders helmet popped out and I cried a little inside 😞. Now she is trying to raise ours kids Raider fans, the resistance has begun. Welcome to the show Mase, be prepared for this awesome community and random talking points lol.

  • Hey guys,

    This is more of an off-season comment but I think with this week’s game in Boulder its sort of relevant and I think Ryan will get a kick out of it.

    A couple years ago I went to a Rockies game with some friends and without planning it ended up being CSU day at Coors Field (and since that is my flavor of university I was more than happy). I strike up a conversation with the couple behind us and learn they are from the Chadron area of Nebraska and I have family not far from there. One of the guys in our group also has family from Nebraska and is a huge Huskers fan; I figure this is a safe topic since everyone I’ve ever met from our neighbors to the East was a diehard fan.

    “Oh no, screw the Huskers, we’re CU fans. By the way, what’s up with all this green and gold in the ballpark today?”

    All that was needed at that point was the music from Curb Your Enthusiasm as I quickly turned back around in my seat. That’s what I get for talking to strangers!!

    Thanks for the awesome work guys,

    Yours Drewly,

  • So gentlemen, when can we expect BSN Broncos the musical special edition? Featuring the Disrespectful truth, performing their chart topping hits The queens English, and The Devil is a lie? Next off season maybe? Let’s make a wager. We hit with a wild card berth, the BSN fans get a musical next off season. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. 100% entertainment. Mase is just a perfect addition busting out in song with the best of them.

  • Andrew, I hardly knew thee. Actually, I don’t know thee at all, as I left Colorado in 1990 for the navy, and BSN is my 1st only and pod. However, so far I’ve really appreciated your insights and history.

    What amazing weekend of football, as a CU grad and Bronco fanatic, nothing can beat Buffs versus huskers, except maybe Broncos versus raiders. Zack, which game are you more excited about?

    Well, I’m currently running to get gas for the generator as Dorian inches closer to Hampton roads, thanks for the pod.

  • As great is Mase is, I think you guys are messing with the chemistry of the pod. I’ve been following Mase forever on Twitter and 760 but I come to BSN for the interactions between Ryan and Zac and it just feels like Zac is getting put on the back burner and it’s becoming the Mase show. I’m probably in the minority and coming off as the bad guy but maybe he could fill another role instead of a third leg on the pod. As the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  • Hey guys, I just subscribed maybe a week ago after listening for about a week. I am so glad I did. Andrew Mason is one of my favorites in sports media and you guys managed to get me without him. I want to share with you my idea of a season of success. I believe the Broncos D will return to dominance and the offense will be able to move the ball. And i believe this roster has the potential, if all the cards fall our way, to go 10-6. Unfortunately we also have the potential to be 6-10, but I don’t think that will happen. I have a couple questions, today.
    1. Do you expect to see more trickery and explosiveness from this year’s offense than we’ve had for the last two years?
    2. for all three of you, how many sacks do you believe Chubb and Miller will have between the two of them? I believe the highlight of our season will be the duo of Von and Bradley emerging as a duo similar to (and maybe even better than) Von Miller and Demarcus Ware.
    3. What happens to this team if a player other than Emmanuel Sanders becomes a reliable deep threat? For me, that says the whole complexion of the next few seasons might be altered. Sorry about this long comment but I’m just so happy that real football is back and we can enjoy the product of our anticipation for the new season, like seeing the trailer for an upcoming movie you’ve been dying to see for months. You guys do great work and I can tell I’ll be a subscriber for a very long time. Peace, my dudes.

  • Mase huh? BSN breaking out the BIG guns!

    If you are STILL freeloading, the only 3 words you need to know is ANDREW FREAKING MASON!

    With that being said I think it would be fun to ask who everyones all time favorite Bronco is and why? For me it’s Jake Plummer. He came in right at a time when I was starting to learn the actual game of football from a players stand point and really made them relevant again in the AFC West. I believe he is still insanely underrated. (Honorable mention to Champ Bailey. Please unblock me on Twitter 😭🥺🙏)

    Finally In-n-out is disgusting and grossly overrated and I say that at a native lifelong Southern Californian.

    Sir James

    P.S. I cannot wait for the 3 piece harmonies out of you guys.

  • Hello gentlemen. I’m not usually one for the long comments so I’ll make this story quick. So I recently left my job as a performer at Disney World in Orlando. Since I signed an NDA as a cast member I was not allowed to talk about this, but now that I no longer work for Disney I’m stoked to share this short story. Let’s just say I was “really tight” with Darth Vader. Darth Vader (ok, me) is roughly 6’8 with boots on. As a lot of NFL players do after winning a Superbowl I was beyond excited at the prospect of meeting some Broncos as Vader in 2016. So like 3 days after SB50, I was working and meeting families when my attendant came up to me and said “Lord Vader. A special guest from the Empire is approaching.” In walks Derek Wolfe. As I’m sure you all know, the dude is gigantic. He’s talking to Vader (me) and looks right at him and says “F**k! You’re the biggest dude I’ve ever met.” Just a fun story I was excited to finally get to share. Cheers boys! Welcome Mase!

  • Hey guys,

    1) I want to clarify the AB “Devil is a Lie” statement. It is a saying similar to saying “yeah, and the sky is green” when someone says something dumb and untrue. How that fits in the puzzle, I am still unsure.
    2) I drove 30 minutes to the one bar near me that had Breck Brews just to try the Vanilla Porter. I walked in and asked for a beer just in time to learn they just kicked the last keg. All I could think to myself was, “must be… damn good beer”.
    4) What kind of role/impact do you guys see Malik Reed having on the 53?

  • Hey guys, it’s been about a year since my last comment, so i’m excited to renew my subscription, especially since Mase has joined the team!
    Wanted to point out a couple of things.
    1. Ryan, mad respect on the shout out to the vintage (90s) clothing collection! I ran into you on instagram several months back on my vintage page (@vintageandsnap on instagram). We need to see a collection pic!
    2. Mase, in regards to your fandom for UNC, GO WOLFPACK!
    3. Reserved for Mr. B
    4. Hyped for the season, thanks for all the coverage fellas and keep up for the good work!

  • Does this count for the Prague, Czech Republic thing? Im from Oklahoma and there’s a town called Prague (but it’s pronounced “Pray-guh”) Didn’t see anybody comment yet but wanted to keep it going hahah!

    1. What are you most excited to see in the game Monday? (Mine is definitely the Von/Chubb duo)

    2. Did Mase really crack a cold one on the pod? If so that’s a baller move

    3. For Mr. B

    4. Is there an update on the madden league? Really hoping theres enough to fill it up!

    5. Finally my friends and I have talked about making a fantasy football podcast just as something funny to make for our friends. Do the GOATS have any tips on things to do to make it worthwhile?

    Can’t wait for Monday night! Keep up the great work guys!

  • Wow it’s the three Broncoteers! Didn’t think the coverage could get much better and then you pull out the master that is Andrew Mason. Unbelievable stuff. The best just got better.

    Who do you think will be the unsung hero this year? One guy who flys below the radar of even the die hard fans?

    Also on for Mase. Great to hear he has some Yorkshire blood in him. As a born and bred Yorkshireman just wondered what part of Yorkshire you family come from? Have you been and if so where?

    Thanks guys

  • You guys really are trying to go on a hunger strike at this rate. “Mase the man” joins the team and takes a share of the pie. It’s crazy to think that we literally pay pennies a day to get the great coverage you guys provide, its just simply amazing.
    Now that the roster is seemingly set for now it’s time for TECS (trade, extend, cut, sign) again. Pick one player you would trade, one to extend, one to cut, and one to sign.
    Thank you so much. It’s crazy to even look back one year and see how big this community has grown.

  • Did you have to brief Mase on the posters here?

    This is Count Flaccula, he’s a pale immortal that drinks the blood of pig skins.

    This is Iceman and he ice’s beer.

    This is Juul Flacco and he asks dumb questions.

    Was out of town for a few days, but WELCOME MASE!

  • I graduated from UCF a few years ago so I was surprised in the last pod when Mase said he graduated from USF, which is our rival school. I gotta know.. Mase, are you a USF fan?

  • Boys,

    Welcome Mase!! The devil is a lie is a song by Rick Ross…maybe AB’s mystical meaning is in the lyrics of that song….or he has lost his marbles. I’m leaning towards the latter. Even OJ is calling him out! Yikes! Didn’t think the pod could get any better but Mase brings a mature, refined element. #winestyr
    Go donkeys!!

    Ya boy Brent

  • Getting Andrew Mason on the BSN squad is like the Broncos picking up Andrew Luck out of retirement! Great pick BSN, you are no longer a small startup, you are as legit as any other media company in Denver.

  • Mase is the only person you get deep “in the reeds” insights like the Steve Atwater Quote – pointing at John Madden “It’s all over Fatman!” I LOVED this! Had to skip back three times to hear it over and over again! Also, what is your postal address again? I want to send y’all some snack from Down Under.

  • >