On the latest edition of the BSN Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Andre Simone are coming to you from BSN Headquarters to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss Kyler Murray’s commitment to football, answer listener questions and much more.

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Ryan Koenigsberg

Ryan is a Co-Founder and the Vice President of Content Strategy at DNVR. He's also the host of the award-winning DNVR Broncos Podcast and a Broncos columnist for the network. If you couldn't tell based on the fact that he never stops talking about the Buffs, RK graduated from the University of Colorado with a double-major in Journalism and Communication back in 2015, just a few weeks after helping launch then-BSN Denver. A native of Boulder, Colorado, if he's not watching Colorado sports, you might find him on the golf course, taking pictures of wildlife or on the nearest porch with a drink.

  • Hey gang! Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    Quick thought after listening to today’s podcast regarding Murray. I think his first intentions were to play cat and mouse, like you said, using it as a negotiation tactic.
    I however feel that his plan backfired after her dropped the ball in his Dan Patrick interview. After the interview I heard of multiple league executives, listed as “executive sources”, that they were backing off and becoming disinterested in him after it aired.
    I think that made him kind of forced into declaring a sport so he could minimize his risk in falling in the draft and secure a bigger payday than the MLB.
    If I was on his team I would have advised the same thing.


  • Enjoy the pod casts guys and the new site was worth the wait. I am stuck in the Bermuda triangle of AFC football, I am stuck almost equal distance from the Bills, Patriots and Jets. So thankfully I can listen to you guys for my Bronco news!

  • Hey guys, subscribed during a sale a while back or I would again now, really hope you guys get the 3-peat.

    About In-n-out (yes this again), I worked there for several years and can provide some insight on why you can’t make your mind up yet! Ryan, if you’ve only had an animal style burger you haven’t had the true In-n-out experience. Animal style burgers are cooked differently, using mustard, which changes the taste of the meat, and come with extra grilled onions which seemed to turn you off of In-n-out entirely. Please don’t make your final judgement until you try a standard burger. The next time you have the chance get a burger without ordering animal style and your opinion may be different. Also for the best fries order them lightly well done.

    Onto football, as a Boise State fan I’m hoping the Broncos take a page out of the Redskins playbook (can’t believe I’m saying that) and both draft a QB in round 1 and then draft Brett Rypien day 2 so they have 2 chances to hit at what is clearly the most important position on the field. What do you guys think that the likelihood of them picking 2 QBs in the 2019 draft is? And, if they do, is Rypien someone that would be high on their board for the middle rounds?

    Always enjoy the pod, best Broncos content by far and exactly what I need during the long, dark offseason.

  • Pronunciation guide: Think J-Lo with an Asian accent. Yes I can say that because it’s funny, my name is J. Rozek, and that’s how I actually got the nickname 15 years ago when people still had a sense of humor.

    I’ve been listening to the podcast since the last off-season when I started searching for any kind of decent Broncos podcast. I’ve been a Broncos fan since ’86 and although I listen to a lot of podcasts each day (shout out to Adam Carolla’s awesome pods) it never dawned on me to look for a Broncos one. I have to be honest that it took listening to a few episodes to get me hooked me on the great content but Zac (really? Spelled with a “C”. Who does that?) and Ryan, you have a really cool chemistry and a lot of insightful inside info. I finally became a subscriber because a) I felt like a freeloader for listening to all the pods for free and b) with so few Broncos wins the last 2 years I wanted to enjoy a win in the subscriber contest.

    Enough self congratulation and on to my homer question. I’m a Fresno State alumni and have been watching Marcus McMaryion kill it the last couple years. What are your thoughts on the Broncos drafting him in the late rounds as a possible project QB? He has a lot of upside and is kind of a Drew Lock/Kyler Murray hybrid. I wouldn’t expect him to play the first year or two but if you went with Murray in the first round you could pick up a very similar backup of him late in the draft with McMaryion.

    Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to all the inspirational Hot Pocket talk this off-season.

    PS – Thanks for mentioning the price difference between Five Guys to In-&-Out. While Five Guys is good, In-&-Out is by far the best fast food burger out there and I can get twice the food there for the same price as Five Guys. That being said In-&-Out fries are trash and are only edible animal style but I’m digressing.


  • Ok ok ok…I see you RK. I’ve been pounding the table for the Broncos to take Lock because I truly believe he’s the next Philip Rivers, but your masterful sales pitch of an article on Murray certainly has me thinking twice.
    Lock has the “it” factor in spades and has the intelligence I think is required to play in the modern NFL. I can’t deny Murray’s talent, however, and I’m starting to think I’d be stoked if Denver ended up with either. Here’s my question: If you had to keep Murray the same height at 5’10, but could add 10 pounds of muscle to bring him up to say 205 at the expense of 10-15% of his speed and agility, would you still say Kyler is far and away qb1 in this class? To me, your usage of Russel Wilson made me think I probably wouldn’t have a problem at all with Denver taking Murray if I wasn’t afraid some defender will at some point relieve him of his head. I don’t think I’m afraid he’ll be a bust nearly as much as I’m afraid he’ll have an injury-related short career as a qb. Thanks for the amazing coverage as always gentlemen.

  • Pronunciation guide: Car-ch
    Any of you on the fence about subscribing, do it. I haven’t regretted it for a second. The coverage is the best you’ll get anywhere, hands down. Plus the community that you join is unparalleled anywhere, it truly is something special here at BSN and I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of that community. Get in on this opportunity, you will not regret it.

    Whatever we do, we need a quarterback in the first round. I don’t see any other way to go about it, and boy am I getting hyped about these prospects. With your coverage of Lock during the senior bowl and extensive insight on Murray I think I’d be happy with either one. However, there’s no denying the most dynamic playmaker in this draft is Kyler Murray. The Broncos offense, aside from Phillip Lindsay, has been as exciting as watching paint dry since the end of the Manning-era. If Murray is the quarterback the offense will be dynamic, it will be fun, and it will put up points. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to say that about the offense. Just think of the possibilities! He’s the kind of player that makes everyone around him better! I think he could really bring out the best in some of Denver’s players too! For example, what’s Bole’s biggest strength? Getting into the open field and using his athleticism. Kyler lets you use that. Get him out on the edge and get Kyler going out that way with Lindsay on an option pitch.There’s no way the defense can cover all that speed! Plus when Scangarello gets picked up as a head coach in a couple years due to the massive amounts of success the Broncos offense has he’d be perfect for our future OC Ryan Koenigsberg’s RRPPO system! This guy just gives you so many options and he can beat you in every way! The plan is foolproof and I’m ready to sell the farm for this guy. KYLER MURRAY IS THE TRUTH. Whatever we have to do to get him is worth it, but what do you guys realistically think Denver would have to give up to get him?

    Much love as always to the BSN Family,

  • Hey Guys,
    what do you think John would say about the thought that if Murray at the Raiders pans out, the Broncos are doomed for the next 15 years?
    I strongly believe this must be a huge point in evaluating the next moves you make as an organization and I don’t think a franchise is seeing it this way.
    I personally think there is very little chance he will take Murray consindering all the Elway loves Lock talk over the past few weeks.

    As always keep it up!

  • Hey guys, I was super stoked to read that Murray was 100% in on the NFL.
    B.L.U.F. Garbage Plates Are far Superior to In and Out. Regarding my name, Garbage Plates are the second best culinary creation Western New York has made, behind Buffalo wings. A classic Garbage Plate is a styrofoam container filled on the bottom with mac salad and home fries, then you put cheeseburger patties on top of those, cover the whole thing in a spicy meat sauce, then top that with onions, yellow mustard, pickles, and Franks Red Hot. Theres other variations where you can change out the bottom layers or instead of burgers you can get Hot Dogs, Sausage, Shaved Steak, Grilled Cheese, Chicken Tenders, or a mix of any. Its an absolutely amazing meal after a long day at work and a long night at the bar. Garbage Plates are by and far my favorite “fast food” burger.
    Anyway, my question: When we draft Kyler Murray, what number should he wear?
    Okay my serious question: With Kareem Hunt getting a second chance fairly soon after his infraction, do you guys see Chad Kelly getting a second chance with another team? Being from Upstate NY, I have a soft spot for the Kelly family and Id like to see him get a second chance either as a back up for us or another team.

    Thanks as always, you guys are the best.

    • I spent 11 years in Rochester before moving to Knoxville, TN in September 2017 and I miss Garbage Plates, Wegmans, and LBL’s nearly every single day. Shoutout the 585, especially Dogtown, Hungry’s and H-Hots.

  • Still not sold on Murray. I feel like everyone is jumping on his bandwagon because they’re afraid of a repeat of last year, being wrong about Baker. I know you guys weren’t in that group. Call me old fashioned but I still like seeing the 6 foot something QB standing in the pocket commanding the offense. I think Elway feels the same way so even if Murray is there at 10 I don’t see him going to Denver. Murray does throw a nice deep ball and to me that’s the most exciting play there is. Someone will jump up to 1 to get him.

  • Fast food hot take: In-N-Out is only good in California. The ones in the mountain west are just…not that great. I work with a youth music group who insists we eat at In-N-Out in Utah every time we take them down there for competitions, and I’ve gotten really tired of it pretty quickly. Give me Five Guys any day of the week. That said, In-N-Out is a lot better when I have it while visiting in California. Seems like their home franchises do something differently than their expansion franchises.

    Back to football: If someone takes Murray before the Broncos get him, who is the next best choice for the Broncos’ first pick? What is their biggest need after QB?

    Go Broncos, and happy baseball spring training season!

    • While I can subscribe to the out of California IN & Out’s not being as good but they’re not a franchise. Every restaurant is owned by the same family. That’s the main reason they stayed in SoCal for so long before expanding. I’m still surprised they came all the way out to CO and TX.

  • Hey guys!

    Glad to hear the podcast back to regular schedule!. First things first Five Guys is NOT trash, even I who live outside the US knows this ( I also like In n Out) Sorry Ryan. In terms of free agency there are some names that really excite me, and still not sure is they will trully be available, what are your thoughts on Grady Jarrett and CJ Mosley they would be GREAT aditions to Vic Fangio´s defense.
    On the other important offseason topic (fast food ratings) how do you rate Mexican fasto food places?
    PD. If you say Taco Bell is the truth I am going to be really, really disappointed

  • I don’t know which take is worse, saying In-N-Out is overrated or Aaron Rodgers isnt an elite QB. Both takes are erroneous. Are you making these clearly inflammatory comments as a cry for attention? If so, I’m here for you. ?. That was the main reason for my comment.
    However, I totally agree the Broncos need to go all in on Murray. Highest individual ceiling of any QB coming out for sure. I’m excited to see what happens.

    • And Ryan, you are correct on the pronunciation of pasty. A long e sound at the end. We had them growing up in Montana.

  • Hey Zac and Ryan,

    I have one quick question about a problem with the coaching staff that I believe is being slightly overlooked. With Scangerello coming in as Ocoordinator I believe he would prefer to run a zone-blocking scheme similar to his mentor shanahan and Kubiak. However, after watching Andre’s film room I learned a lot about our Oline coach, Mike Munchack, and his philosophy of coaching a power run scheme. I know you need different types of lineman to run the two different types of offensive line schemes. Am I being naive here with my fear that there may be a disconnect between Occordinator and Oline coach? Just wanted to know your guys’ thoughts on this topic!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • I feel like even though Drew Lock has some potential, clearly Kyler Murray has even more potential, and would therefore make Lock the “safe pick”. Im with you guys Zac and Ryan, swing for the fences. Go big or go home. Murray would bring so much excitement to Mile High I can’t even imagine! A Lindsay and Murray combination? Electrifying!
    On to my next point, I read something along the lines of trading Emmanuel Sanders and a pick for San Francisco’s second overall pick. How likely a scenario could you see this being with our good ol’ buddy John Lynch? Sanders is a great safety net for this team in the passing game, but this trade wouldn’t bother me at all…of course for the right guy at #2.

  • Hey guys love to see you are back up and running. I deliver pizzas as a 2nd job and your podcasts make the shifts fly by. Now o my question. There is a lot of talk about free agents and the draft but haven’t heard anything about franchise tags. Do you think paradis or any other guys should be considered if a deal can’t be worked out right away?

  • Hey BSN Family,
    Just got caught up with all of the pod and wanted to chime in on the Murray topic. I was not sold on his commitment to football. I was afraid that Denver would draft him and he would get hit once and say that this was not for him. Now that he says that he is committed football, I would not mind if Denver drafted him.

    I also want everyone that has not subscribed to do it now. Why are you waiting. This deal is awesome.

    Thanks for the off season coverage.

  • Had to create an account just to clear the air here on the burger debate going on. As you can tell by my account name im an expert in the field and have put in hundreds of hours and have eaten countless burgers on the search for the best local burger. There was alot of lows, some highs, and even a few tears “from jalepeno sauce of course”. But I am here to tell you today you are all wrong and the Skirted Heifer located in Colorado Springs has the most mouth watering, juicy burger placed onto an ever so slightly toasted bun it will change your life. I promise. I dont work for them nor am I associated I just had to put you in the know. You’re welcome!!! Go Broncos!!!

  • Okay guys hypothetical, say Denver trades with with Tampa at 5 to get Lock then something crazy happens and Murray goes to Arizona, the giants trade with San Fran and take Haskins then Jacksonville jumps to 4 and takes lock. Now Arizona calls with josh Rosen for number 5 and a 3rd round pick. Do you jump on it or take Jonah Williams or quinnen Williams?

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