On the latest edition of the BSN Broncos Podcast, Ryan Koenigsberg and Zac Stevens are coming to you from Broncos Headquarters to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss John Elway’s conversation with Peter King, dive into the great Pats-Chiefs debate and much more.

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Ryan Koenigsberg

Ryan is the co-founder of BSN Denver and a full-time Broncos beat reporter for the network. As a double major in journalism and communication from the University of Colorado, he helped launch BSN Denver back in 2015. You can also listen to him every day on the BSN Broncos podcast.

  • Hey Fellas, so after reading Ryan’s article on the risks/rewards of bringing in AB, I finally can say I’m on board to bring him in! I’m excited by the thought of an offense with Philip Lindsay/Antonio Brown behind a revamped offensive line and possibly a new QB! Throw a new exciting playbook in there and you got yourself a juicy situation for next year! What scenario can you see Emmanuel staying, even if they bring in AB? Also, I read an article basically saying that if we traded for AB, then we wouldn’t have to pay all 20+ million of his contract, the Steelers would pay 7 million of that or so (I’m thinking because of bonuses or something) and the Broncos only pay 15 million. Have you guys heard anything about that? That would make it even more of a home run deal! Thanks for all that you guys do, keep up the great work, you guys are kickass! Much love from Burque!

  • NO NO NO on AB! No one in their right mind volunteers for cancer and make no mistake he is a cancer. The team struggled for the last two years with all the problems that he personifies. Selfishness, lack of discipline, no team play. Coach Fangio was brought in to put a stop to the exact behavior that he has displayed throughout his career. If the actual commitment is to build a better culture, then the last thing this team needs is that attention seeking diva. Performance is wonderful but at what cost? There are a lot of young players in the locker room, likely to get even younger in the offseason. When you bring in a high profile, high salary player that couldn’t even show up for the last week of the season with the playoffs on the line I think you’re saying one thing and doing another. That’s not changing the old culture it’s reinforcing it. As our new coach said “Good teams have good players. But great teams have great teammates, and we will be obsessed with building that here.” I’m pretty sure what he did disqualifies him as a great teammate. Thank you for letting me vent. I’m beyond excited to see this group of above average players become a team. Love, love, love the new hires!

  • Bluf: this is a long one
    Pick up Dalvin Cook in Fantasy. He should be a beast in Kubiaks system.
    You guys say Elway needs to make a splash in free agency but who’s available this year at our positions of need? I really haven’t looked. It’s pretty rare for teams to let go of real deal players.
    Planet Earth is great, when you’re done with earth you guys should check out Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson.
    On the QB trade front the only guy I want to see more of is Jacoby Brisset.
    Ryan what are you drinking? I think its empty lol.
    Before Rankins’ injury i thought the saints had it but with Gurley and CJ the Rams are going to run all over them.

  • Yes. Yes. Yes. Trade for Mullens.
    I’ve been lurking in the shadows the past few weeks, but this gets me hyped. I will write a whole anthology in his honour.
    The true Big D*** Nick
    Make it happen.

  • I missed out on the AFC discussion. But the NFC pick is easy for me. It has to be the Saints. I totally get what you guys are saying when you suggest that Denver fans should want the Rams because of the connections, but I wholeheartedly believe that the Saints have the better team. And we need the better team to make it to give us the best shot at having the AFC representative lose in the Super Bowl. It’s as simple as that. That’s why I’m rooting for the Saints this weekend and I will be rooting for the Saints in the Super Bowl

  • After you mentioned the John Fox hire process a couple of pods ago, I’ve done a little research to see who else was interviewed. It seems to be Eric Studesville, Perry Fewell, Dirk Koetter and Rick Dennison alongside John Fox.

    After Elways comments to Peter King about how to conduct a coaching search, being open and no preconceived ideas, why is he only interview one person for other coaching position?

  • I live exactly halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles in a city called Riverside and as you’d probably guess there is a large contingent of Patriots fans here in Southern California. Far more than there are chiefs fans! And from the pats fans I’m familiar with personally…they’re fricken annoying! Brady this Brady that…5 rings this 5 rings that…what about freakin spygate or deflate gate?! They seem to have forgotten that of course…
    I don’t want them to get a sixth and have even more to boast about! That coupled with the fact I think the super bowl could use some new blood, I’m pulling a Chiefs-Rams super bowl in which the Chiefs lose!

  • I live in Kansas, and I can absolutely say that Chiefs fans are already a 35/10 on the intolerable scale. This season for the chiefs has been crazy, I’ve got life long friends who have went out of their way to become “Die hard” chiefs fans. People are getting Patrick Mahomes tattoos out here. . I 100% want Tommy and the Patriots to come into to Arrowhead and just flatten the Chiefs, I want that score 50-0, I want the fans to riot afterwards and not get the chance to do the “Tomahawk Chant” or whatever horrible name they’ve given it to be heard once this weekend.

    If the Chiefs win I’m going to have to hear about how Andy Reid is a genius, and there’s probably going to be a gofundme started to put up a statue for him. I can’t stand Pattycakes because he plays for the Chiefs, I can’t deny his talent and he seems like a good guy and that makes me hate him more.

    If the Chiefs lose I’m going to have to hear about how the refs were paid off, all the patriots are cheats, Andy Reid is past his time and can’t gameplan well enough for the talent like Mahomes, and I’m going to have to hear about how the Patriots are accustomed to playing in cold weather, and that’s why the Chiefs lost.

    Thanks for the content, amazing as always. You guys really go on a grind in the off season.

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