On the latest edition of the BSN Broncos Podcast, Ryan Koenigsberg and Zac Stevens and are coming to you from BSN Headquarters to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys share which way they’re leaning for the Broncos’ first-round pick, answer listener questions and much more.

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Ryan Koenigsberg

Ryan is a Co-Founder and the Vice President of Content Strategy at DNVR. He's also the host of the award-winning DNVR Broncos Podcast and a Broncos columnist for the network. If you couldn't tell based on the fact that he never stops talking about the Buffs, RK graduated from the University of Colorado with a double-major in Journalism and Communication back in 2015, just a few weeks after helping launch then-BSN Denver. A native of Boulder, Colorado, if he's not watching Colorado sports, you might find him on the golf course, taking pictures of wildlife or on the nearest porch with a drink.

  • What’s up guys! I love a few things about this pod; shows everyday, food controversy, the large sighs Zac takes before he makes a point, the player/GM scenarios Ryan plays out as girlfriend/ex-girlfriend scenarios, and arguments about straw holes (#team1hole). I defy you to find another podcast with that list of nuggets.

    That Flacco smokescreen scenario blew my mind. Is there precedent for something like that? I like what Elway has been doing, moving himself to a position of strength to make the moves he wants to make. Negotiations are won by people who don’t NEED to do make the moves. Before FA he was not in a position of strength regarding the CB position and the upcoming contract negotiations with Chris Harris Jr. A few signing later he not only made the backend a ton better, he put himself in a “I don’t have to sign you” position of strength- not to mention what the draft will bring. I think he will, and he wants, to sign CHJ, but it may help with the numbers a little. I also can’t imagine this team without Strap Harris.

    Regarding the draft, I have no idea what’s going to happen and it makes me even more excited. I seriously can’t wait to see what we do.

    In an attempt to do my part to ensure 2-hour podcasts, here is a poem about Colorado;

    “Dear Colorado” by Jordan Rowan via hellopoetry.com

    Dear Colorado,
    Are you still awake?
    You’re like a fantasy I have
    Like I risk I have to take
    How have you been?
    It feels like years since we kissed
    How many people come your way?
    How many of them do you miss?
    I think what you said was true
    I’m gonna die alone and sad
    But I’ve grown to realize
    That it wouldn’t be that bad
    Just let me see you again
    At least one more time
    Once more, and I’ll never call
    I wanna die under your sky

    I am but a simple man, so I don’t know if that was a good poem or not, but it should buy us another minute or so.

    Ramen Noodles: Do you put the seasoning packet in before the water boils, after the water boils, after you’ve put in the noodles, or after you drain the noodles?

  • I guess we’re doing this topic now. The O-Line is a macrobrew light beer. Technically, it’ll get you by, but no one is ever going to be excited by it. D-Line is an amber ale. Pretty good, definitely made with quality, but not something that leaves you going “wow, that’s amazing.”

    A hole is a divet made in a solid object. A straw is a flat piece of plastic wrapped around air. #TeamNoHoles.

    I have no football question.

  • Okay, I am shocked to hear the corona hate not my go to beer but I’m a big fan for a change up now and again especially when on the 110 degree days here in west Texas. (A few years back we had 30 consecutive days over 100 and 14 over 110.

    How’s the Keto progress going RK? I’m counting macros and down 35 pounds but considered Keto for a while.

    Anti tiger woods here.

    Spam isn’t bad when fried.

    This may have been discussed but what’s the verdict on the mid draft updates with reactionary content. Think that would be great! Very pumped for the draft Denver has a great shot to get some quality players.

    Trade back get Tillery and pick up a spare 2nd then select Bradbury or Risner with Denver’s own pick then Isabella or mcLaurin with the extra 2nd. Then hanks in the 3rd.

    Thanks keep up the great work!

  • Look. Not many people really actually eats witchetty grubs.. i have had them though, growing up on a farm my diet was witchetty grubs and spoon fulls of vegemite. It’ll put hair on your chest.

  • Thanks for taking my comment regarding Coach Fangio possibly being able to talk to players directly from the box. Upon further research your hunch is correct…

    Article 3 – Speakers in Helmets:
    The Coach-to-Player system allows a member of the coaching staff in the bench area to communicate to a designated offensive or defensive player with a speaker in his helmet. Communication from the coaches’ booth via the system is prohibited.

    Like you guys mentioned in the pod there will probably have to be a coach on the sideline who acts as an intermediary between Fangio and the players who are designated the radios.

    I’m also down for a booger-mobile scenario but I will not approve unless it has to be customized by the artist’s son who finished “Blucifer” the blue mustang statue out by the airport. Idk if you guys know but the original artists passed away after Blucifer fell on him! Talk about a scary horse right there. *red eyes beaming*

  • A little happy draft math for us today.
    The magic number is 10: 3QBs + 4 Edge rushers + 2 IDL + 1 MLB = 10
    MEANING we are *guarunteed* to take one of the following: Devin White, Ed Oliver, a top QB, a third elite pass rusher, a juicy trade down offer, or the top player at any position not included in the earlier equation.

    QBs- Murray, Haskins, Lock
    EDGE- Bosa, Allen, Sweat, Gary
    IDL- Williams, Oliver
    MLB- White

  • For whoever missed it, RK called the game winning shot for the Avalanche over the weekend!

    Also, if Russel Wilson is really available, he becomes Elway’s plan A. I have to assume Harris Jr, Flacco and 2 1st rd picks is done deal for him. What say you?

  • Ryan, what airline to travel on when you travel to all those away games? When I get out of the Air Force and you’re making bank, I’ll be your executive pilot…deal??? Now football. Kiper released his newest mock acting as GMs and we took Oliver, Risner, and Finley. I think if that’s our pull I’m very happy. I think we do need to draft a qb but maybe not the third round where I think we can still get some immediate help. Where do you think we should go (round) for a qb in the draft this year? On the other hand mcshay has us getting lock in the first round.

  • Interested to hear if either of you or any of the listeners ever listen to Stick to Football. It’s the Bleacher Report draft podcast. Every mock draft I’ve seen from them since the Senior Bowl has the broncos taking Lock at 10. I think Elway has smokescreened the poo out of those guys. What do you think?

  • Hey guys, it was funny to hear you reference the soccer player Radamel Falcao as I got to meet him when I was working in the premier league. However, while he was exceptionally nice I hope the similarities between him and Joe Flacco end with their names. Falcao ended up being one of the more embarrassing flops in recent soccer history. He was purchased on a short term loan by Manchester United with the option to buy him permanently for a total of 63 million Euros. Denver effectively has a trial period for Flacco with the option to keep him long term by paying out the remainder of his contract. Flacco currently has 63 million dollars remaining on his contract…. coincidence? Is Flacco doomed to bust like Falcao? Well of course not, but if Elway is listening, just know Falcao is 8 inches shorter than Flacco so I think you’re safe…. But still…. knock wood

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