On the latest edition of the BSN Broncos Podcast, Zac Stevens and Andre Simone are coming to you from BSN Headquarters to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss Denver’s quick fall from grace, the plan to fix it and much more.

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Ryan Koenigsberg

Ryan D. Koenigsberg, was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, and is the Vice President of Content Strategy and co-founder of BSN Denver. Ryan also covers and travels with the Denver Broncos. Education: Graduated from the University of Colorado in 2015 with a degree in both Broadcast Journalism and Communication. Career: I got my start in Journalism in 2011 with an internship covering University of Colorado athletics for a website called BuffScoop.com, a branch of the 247Sports Network. Less than one year after accepting that position, I was promoted to the lead writer of the site. After another year at BuffScoop, I was hired to a staff position covering the Buffaloes for Buffstampede.com, the CU site for the Rivals.com network. Two years later, shortly before officially graduating from CU, I was approached by a dude named Brandon Spano who was planning to revolutionize the way sports were covered in our great state. I accepted a position on the ground floor of BSN Denver that, at the time, centered—once again—around covering the Buffaloes. After another year on the Buffs beat that resulted in winning the inaugural BSN Denver Silver Slugger award—given to the writer whose stories generated the most traffic—I was promoted to the Broncos beat. In my time at BSN, I’ve had the pleasure of covering a Super Bowl, a Pac-12 Championship, a bowl game, multiple games in the NCAA Tournament and so much more. Somewhere along the way, I earned that fancy title you see at the top of all this. Most memorable sports moment: Nov. 23, 2001: Behind SIX Chris Brown rushing touchdowns, the No. 14 Colorado Buffaloes trounce the No. 2 Nebraska Cornhuskers by a count of 62-36. It was the day I fell in love with college football for good. So much so that I haven’t missed a single Buffs’ home game since. The finest sports book I’ve ever read: I don’t know about finest, but when I was in elementary school, I read every single Matt Christopher book in our school library. It was the best way to not stray away from sports while still filling those pesky reading logs. One sports movie that I can’t live without: When I was a kid, I didn’t have cable in my room but I did have a TV with a VCR. Thing is, I only had a few movies on VCR and I needed to have the TV on to fall asleep. Well, eventually I came around to the fact that the best movie I had was “Cool Runnings,” so I feel asleep to the Jamaican Bobsled team every night for years. You need sleep to live and I couldn’t sleep without “Cool Runnings” SO I guess that’s the one I can’t live without. Most memorable experience as a reporter: Pretty hard to beat the week leading up  to Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco. To be at the center of the sports world with not only the greatest athletes but also the greatest sports journalists in the world all around was a truly special experience. Between wake up calls at 4:45 am to catch the media shuttle to the Broncos hotel by 6, the 14-hour work days and the regrettable post-work festivities, I calculated that I got about 20 hours of sleep over an eight-day period… and I wouldn’t have traded one minute of it all. That was awesome. The sport that started it all: It’s hard to pinpoint one sport that truly “started it all” for me. When I was a kid, I remember people used to always ask me what my favorite sport was, and I would always answer the same thing, “Whatever sport is in season.” As long as I can remember, my life has always revolved directly around sports, from playing to watching to writing. It’s not a sport that started it all, it sports that started it all.


  1. Hey guys, great to have you guys back and I love the new website! I just saw the news that Kyler Murray just committed to playing football, and it has me super excited. I realize that the likelihood that Elway would draft him is pretty much nil, but I can’t help but fantasize that in a draft day shocker, we buck expectations and draft Murray over Lock. I feel like we have played things safe for too long and its the perfect time to take some risks. Do you guys think Elway’s decision to let Kubiak walk is any indication that maybe he is more willing to think out of the box and operate out of his comfort zone? Could there be any glimmer of hope that we go out on a limb for Murray? Anyway, loving all the content you guys are putting out, and I am excited for all the coverage to come!

  2. Sutton14Thomas87

    Hypothetical: Case absolutely thrives with Scangarello. What would Case’s numbers need to be to extend him?

  3. Elway is known for playing his cards close to the vest, is he not? Presuming that to be the case all this Drew Lock love coming from Broncos mouthpieces sounds a lot like misdirection. What is the likelihood they trade up to grab Haskins?

  4. Hey guys

    Andreas3000 shouting out from the UK here. Been loving the coverage as always from all the stuff in late December about squad stay or go, senior bowl etc and I’m psyched for the upcoming free agency and draft.

    All this chat about fast food places got me thinking if you guys have ‘Greggs the bakers’ and I looked it up and I don’t think you do. Anyway if anyone is making it to any London games they must check one out. They do the British classic food the hot pastie which is a lot like how you describe a hot pocket but more delicately baked. They also do sausage rolls and doughnuts. Has a regular visit from me at least once a week.

    Regarding QB sign me up for Drew Lock. I reckon trading the following years 1st round pick would get Elway high enough to get him. Where in the draft do you guys reckon they need to get to in order to ‘Lock’ him up?

    I’m not going to make the London games myself cause I’ve got my flights booked and I’m going to be in Denver, Colorado! Praying for a home game between the 27th of September to Tuesday 8th October.

    Thanks as always fellas and love to all the BSN fam!

  5. UpstateGarbagePlate

    Hey Guys,
    New subscriber here coming in from Upstate New York. Wanted to get in here and help out with the challenge. You guys do a great job giving insight on my favorite sports team, and I couldnt pass up the chance for a free T-shirt. Go Broncos!
    My question is, with the new coaching staff in place, which players do you see being able to take the next step with better coaching and make their way into the probowl, or even get all pro honors. We have a lot of talented players who I think with better coaching can absolutely take the next step. I was high on Garrett Bolles, even knowing that he was going to be a project, but I love the attitude and the fire he has. He cleaned up at the end of this season and I think with Mike Munchak he can be even better. My Hot Pocket Hot Take for next season is that Garrett Bolles and one other O-Line make the probowl.

    Thanks always for the awesome podcast guys!

  6. Hey guys, had until May to renew my subscription plus I’m a student so was already getting it cheaper, but I poneyed up and invested in another year of the best Broncos coverage for the contest! No Broncos questions but I will chime in on In and Out, I think it’s definitely a teir above McDonald’s but not good enough to have a colt following. With that said In and Out didn’t do their research in Colorado because Colorado Springs already has a place called Drifters burgers that is literally the same. Seriously same sauce, same burgers, same shakes, and same crappy fries, I actually had Drifters before In and Out and when I finally had In and Out I was shocked that Drifters is legitimately the same. If anyone who loves In and Out is in Colorado Springs go to Drifters, especially because In and Out will be crazy busy when it opens.

  7. Hey all, glad you’re back! New site looks great, I’m about to go check out some film room action.

    I feel like Elway has taken a lot of flack for his draft picks, and maybe he deserves some of that. Last draft was on point, and I hope that it doesn’t go back to the dumpster now that Kubiac is gone. But he’s also made several moves that weren’t popular, but proved to be wise. One might even say Patriot-esc. A lot of fans were mad when Champ Bailey was let go. The next year we went on to win a SB. Fans were upset with TJ Ward was let go, and he went on to do nothing with the Bucs. Not even sure he’s still playing. Fans were mad when Aquib Talib was traded, and he blew out is achilles like a month later. Thankfully, he was able to return later in the season ( I love that guy- but understood the move). Fans were upset when we let CJ Anderson go. He went on to do nothing until the Rams got him and he dug deep to put in his annual 2-game performance. Fans got upset when we let Thomas go, and he played for a few games and then blew his achilles. These have all been pretty good moves made ahead of disaster, while at the same time making cap room. I don’t feel like Elway gets enough credit for them.

    In-and-Out and Five Guys are trash. Try B-bops in the midwest if you want a real burger and fries. I will try the tap water next time I visit my brother in Denver, but I’ll be honest… that’s kind of a weird flex. 😉

  8. Hey guys, welcome back, it’s so good to hear the old crew again. That being said having all four of you guys for the senior bowl was an absolute blast, some of the funnest pods I’ve heard from you. You four should get together and do a pod like every other week (or whatever would work for your schedules). Here is my question. I was unaware of this pod last off-season and was wondering if you guys ever do any live podcasts (is that even possible???) I think it would be awesome, for example, to have a live podcast during the draft to instantly analyze the picks. Not only just the Broncos picks but every pick. That kind of instant coverage would be incredibly gratifying, I know the first thing I do when a player is selected is scour the internet and youtube for highlights and stats.

    Thanks again Gents!

  9. As a Broncos fan, I feel lucky to have a living legend like John Elway as our GM (and yes, I realize what a fan boy comment that is). I’m happy to take the good with the bad, his good decision a have been GREAT: Von Miller, Peyton Manning, Talib, Ward and Ware. He had the best offense in 2013 and the best defense in 2015. Nothing short of impressive.
    He’s made some bad moves too, no question. But I think the ship is now going in the right direction. We need a QB in the first round this year tho, that’s gonna be crucial.
    Additionally, what do you guys think the best course of action will be in the trenches? Free agency? Draft? Do you see Wilkinson and Turner staying at guard or moving back to tackle? Thank you guys for the great content.

  10. Hey guys!
    Which team do you think is currently the most irrelevant franchise in the league?
    Would love to hear from not just RK and Zac but all the BSN fam.

    • I’m convinced it’s the Dolphins. No QB, no superstars anywhere on the roster. No playoffs for a number of years and I can’t remember ever watching a Miami game that was a “big game”. But at the same time they’re not so bad that we talk about them in draft season like we did with the browns for years. They have history but it’s not iconic history. Steelers totally overshadow the 70’s Dolphins and the Marino fins never won it all. If Miami fell into a black hole I don’t think anyone would notice. The AFC east is basically a black hole anyway.
      There’s times where I just forget about Miami.

      • I agree the dolphins are down there, but for me it is the Buffalo Bills

        Since the 1999 season, they have not had a single double digit winning season. They only have 6 seasons or .500 or better (3 of those are .500). They are consistently at the 3rd or 4th spot in the division (to include the 5th spot in 2001 before they changed the divisions in 2002). The bills just have not played a part of the nfl except as a win for other teams.

      • I would have to say the Raiders. No superstars, no hope. Do they need a new QB? Is Gruden gonna keep Carr? They have absolutely nothing right now, with very little hope for the future. They’ve been irrelevant for almost 17 years.

  11. Hey guys, i want some insight into your thoughts about Kyler Murray. I know you guys are high on him, provided he chooses to play NFL over Baseball. You guys saw the interview with him kind of grunting his way through questions and looking over at his agent *dad* to see if he’s allowed to say something.

    I know you guys talked about Jones’ a couple pods back about how he sucks talking to press and use that as a factor to say he’s over rated. What is the difference between these interviews with Murray and Daniel Jones’ senior bowl press talks?

    Ps. Double post.. i think i replied to another blokes post. Turns out I’m older than i thought.. my B

  12. Hey guys!! Decided to help out on that challenge and subscribed. Love the coverage!

    I am all in on Lock, tho i love me some Haskins more and think he is the truth. I am not concerned as much bout the 1st rounder and what we do. I really am concerned after that..
    I really pray that Devin Bush from Michigan falls to the second and Denver scoops him up. I know this isnt the draft pod, but do you see anyway a Devin Bush falls and Vic has John pulk the trigger?

    Thanks guy!!!!

    • Hey guys, i want some insight into your thoughts about Kyler Murray. I know you guys are high on him, provided he chooses to play NFL over Baseball. You guys saw the interview with him kind of grunting his way through questions and looking over at his agent *dad* to see if he’s allowed to say something.

      I know you guys talked about Jones’ a couple pods back about how he sucks talking to press and use that as a factor to say he’s over rated. What is the difference between these interviews with Murray and Daniel Jones’ senior bowl press talks?

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