On the latest edition of the BSN Broncos Podcast, Ryan Koenigsberg and Zac Stevens and are coming to you from Broncos Headquarters to break down all of the latest news in Broncos Country.

The guys discuss what they saw from Theo Riddick at practice, answer listener questions and much more.

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Ryan Koenigsberg

Ryan is the co-founder of BSN Denver and a full-time Broncos beat reporter for the network. As a double major in journalism and communication from the University of Colorado, he helped launch BSN Denver back in 2015. You can also listen to him every day on the BSN Broncos podcast.

  • Vampire (or in this case a Training Camp-ire)

    cam·​pire | \ ˈcam-ˌpī(-ə)r \
    1 : the reanimated body of a once dead qb – believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of free agent acquisitions asleep –

    Gosh , I wish we had more night games! In the meantime I’ll be biting Theo Riddick and allowing him to reinvigorate his career.

    What would you two like to see from him (stat wise) to prove our reanimation a success?


    The Count

  • Greetings gentlemen!

    I see you are asking the hard hitting questions!

    Do bugs have lungs? Instead of lungs, insects breathe with a network of tiny tubes called tracheae. So there you have it. No lungs, just tubes.

    I kind of wish our wide receivers would save their animosity towards each other for their opponents. Brawling on the sideline is just not a good look. Almost a worse look than Zac’s tweet description of Fangio forcing them to kiss and make up in the huddle. All this kissing makes me think you guys might be watching too much Bachelorette…

    What I learned from today’s pod is that math is hard.

    Ryan’s interruption saved me from Zac’s stirring rendition of “Let it go.” So thanks for that.

    Here’s my question. Is the no fly zone back?

    I know. Loaded question. I ask because the secondary has looked really good so far. Either that or the QB play looks suspect. I choose to believe the secondary is just that good. Touch wood.

  • First, apologies beforehand for taking this to a serious place. I know some people look to sports as an escape from the real world, and in many respects, it is, but sports is also a community. Sports is where a bunch of guys and girls can come together, from literally all over the world – white, black, Hispanic, Swedish, Australian, New Hampshire (not a place), we can all come together and find a fraternity in something where otherwise one may not exist. We can hate the Raiders together. We can all accept that Lindsay is the best fantasy football option this year, above anyone else, together. We can all laugh at Super Bowl victories together and cry over the inability to cover tight ends together. And I, for one, am proud to be a member of this community, despite my position as last in relevance. You guys (and girls) are my escape.

    This weekend was difficult for me, as I’m sure it was for many of you. So much hatred. So much anger. I can’t pretend to understand any of it, I was just numbed by the nonstop coverage, and carnage. This post isn’t about politics, policies, or ideologies, though. I’ll save that for Reddit. This post is about the light: The one shining light in this sea of darkness was hearing the stories of the first responders who ran towards the gunshots as others ran for cover or stayed to shield their loved ones, their children (and even children not their own). Watching the video of the officer outside the bar in Ohio, rushing outside to engage the subject while others pushed past him within seconds of the first shot – well, it humbled me to live alongside such heroes.

    Some of you may not be aware that some law enforcement agencies, especially smaller ones, can’t afford to equip their officers with body armor, or if they do, they often provide the first vest, but subsequent vests must be paid for by the officer, if and when they can afford to replace it. With time, the vests expire and lose their effectiveness. And they are not cheap.

    Due to our fantasy football leagues this year, we, the BSN listener community, are going to be able to donate $800 to Shield 616, a Denver-area based charity that exists to provide armor to first responders so that they can continue to stand not beside us, but ahead of us, the shield between our community, and the darkness. I have no affiliation with the charity, I heard about them probably the first time you did, when Von Miller made a donation to them last year, but I can’t think of a more worthy cause, now more than ever. Thank you team for allowing me to laugh (and cry) with you. I am so proud to be able to facilitate this donation, and I am proud to be part of this community.

    If anyone wants to add to the contribution, on behalf of the listeners, you can email me at bsnfightingburritos@gmail.com and we can add it to the one donation.

    Last in relevance but first in your hearts…

  • So I see Sutton is out here about to get beat up. Dude has a lot to learn and a short time to learn it. Ugh..

    • They have to practice these fights in the preseason so they’re ready for the real fights in the regular season. All great fighters have to train. You think Talib just knew how to rip someone’s chain off? No, he had to practice and perfect it in the offseason.

  • Ryan- just listening to Zack Bye talk about the special teams ‘incident’ with Alijah Holder yesterday. He said you were there witnessing what happened. Can you share what you saw, and what do you think caused it? Sounds like a lack of respect for the assistant ST coach?

  • Hey guys

    Yes! Diet sodas as well as zero calorie sodas are no carbs calories or fat. Although terrible for you I use them for easy outs while counting macros. Propel flavored water is also a great change up from water

    Next I love hearing y’alls voices but I’m all for anything that gets us more Allie.

    Did y’all see any players receive reps with a higher or lower team due to Thursday’s performance. Such as dremont Jones or Malik reed?

  • What’s up guys. While watching the HOF game I thought Khalfani Muhammad reminded me a lot of DeAngelo Henderson. Sadly, similar to Henderson, it looks like he’s gonna be one of the odd men out. If the Broncos were on Hard Knocks this year, I think Muhammad would be that one guy every season that the audience roots for, but ultimately doesn’t make the team.

    I read an article that Paxton Lynch was talking about how AMAZING the Seahawks culture was, and how they treated their players like family. Ultimately felt like a very passive aggressive way of taking a shot at our Broncos. My question is this: Since we’ve have a few weeks of training camp, what similarities and differences have you noticed between Paxton Lynch and Drew Lock regarding how they practice, and how they prepare for practice? Thanks guys.

  • Hey guys, heard you talking about Madden yesterday and Phillip Lindsay definitely got the credit he deserves! Sadly, I can’t say the same for Vic Fangio. Fangio has a great defensive scheme and I was looking forward to using it in Madden 20. However, as I scrolled to the Broncos defensive playbook, my jaw dropped! It was Vance Joseph’s name next to the defense instead of Fangio’s!

    I figured it was just a typo and decided to pick the defense anyway. Things just continued to get worse.. As I was playing the game the commentators referenced Vance Joseph as head coach instead of Vic Fangio! At that moment I lost all motivation to continue playing.. This has been all over social media, so I’m sure you guys have seen it. Just thought I’d express my frustration.

  • Hey boys, such a great Monday podcast as always. YES Ryan, it is Monday. 1. Strawberry Sky, for you Colorado BSN Broncos fans, you can get it in 6 pack cans @ your local King Soopers/City Market etc. etc. Yeah, it’s great to live in the Mile High City kids. 2. You guys had me laughing so hard, I was squirting out Keystone Ice Beer from you know where all over my laptop. 3. RIP Mr. B.! 4. So when I get my next BSN Merch purchase, I will be able to rock the home grown, mile high salute and 58 goat SOFT t-shirts. For years I have needed to have shirts I could wear during the season when I do not wear a Broncos jersey, BOOM. Thank you so much BSN family. 5. I still believe we should get more Allie & Lyndsey all the time. 6. Boys, please don’t scrap the Andre & Hank weekend podcasts just because they are both busy. Heck, I’ll come in and do them for the community. 7. The one and only John Elway. 8. As your oldest but greatest new BSNer, I just luv being a part of something so special. A story, I tried to join another Broncos podcast site before BSN and their payment site refused my card? Their loss, my forever gain. GO BRONCOS, bury Paxton into the Century Link field in 72 hours from this second. 🙂

  • Couple things!

    Zac thanks for actually reaching backout on Insta.. It means alot and shows how much you care about the listeners!

    RK.. “Hes got some stones”.. Just absolutely friggin beautiful..

    Love yall!

  • Hey guys!

    Thanks for the support on Twitter today. Meant the world to me as a young guy trying to get started.

    I fixed the GoFundMe link for the World Tour. Sorry about that everyone! I just got back from a month in Europe and was mostly off the grid. I just caught up on Pods and realized. Go donate if you can!

    Quick question: As injuries happen to every team every season, what injury do you think could completely derail the season? Other than QB. In other words who is most vital to success? I’m touching wood, wouldn’t want to wish an injury on anyone.

  • Hey guys,

    Zac, I was very entertained by the story of your friend shotgunning a beer. It sounded very relatable and it also reminded me of the time a dear friend’s girlfriend tried her first beer bong only to have the contraption fall apart mid-use.

    Anyway here’s a Colorado Water fun fact: Colorado Springs is the largest metropolitan area in the USA whose water source is %100 virgin water. If you take Highway 24 from Colorado Springs to Breckenridge you may notice a red barn that looks big enough to house a football field. That is actually a pumping facility bringing water straight from the Continental Divide to the Springs.

  • Hey guys,

    I got my Phillip Lindsay Homegrown T super fast! Its awesome!

    I wanted to ask about something I saw on twitter today, about Sanders and Sutton getting into it, just wondering if you knew any more about why those two went after each other? I was wondering what Sanders dynamic is like with the rest of the WRs, since he is a bit older than the rest of them in that group?


    • Hey guys it’s been a while since I have commented and I finally made a unique name because this is a cool enough community that I figured I should come up with something original instead of my CU ID! First of all Ryan I wanted to let you know I will be staying in Frisco for 10 days and I plan to play The Raven golf course at least once while I’m up there after how highly you recommended it, any advice? No Broncos stuff for now just hadn’t commented in a while so figured I would, keep up all the amazing work you guys do RK and Zac!

  • Hey guys!

    First off. You guys did it. I was that frugal freeloader listening to the pod and after hearing dozens of pitches to come aboard as a subscribe, you FINALLY gave the pitch that pierced my soul and made me a subscriber. It was when Ryan called out 20 of us that he “knew for a fact” were listening but not subscribing and it was convicting enough to finally make me subscribe.

    Secondly. I, LasagnaLance, will do whatever I can to keep my comments short for your guys’ sanity (with the exception of this comment).

    Lastly, forgive me ahead of time for my horrendous grammar. We can’t all be writers.

    Thanks for all the hard work guys! Looking forward to all the great content!

  • Hey guys new subscriber, just listened to the two last podcast , and my only reaction is to Ryan. Denver and Boulder are not the only two big cities of Colorado , put a little respect on both mine and Phillip Lindsey’s hometown in Aurora ,Co . I’ve lived down the street from Phillip forever , I think his name alone gives Aurora a big plus here .

  • What’s up guys new subscriber here couldn’t pass up the chance for a free shirt! Sorry about the username I wanted to write shirt and it auto corrected lol but I’m glad I subscribed I listen to you guys every day out here in California! Keep up the good work and thanks for all the work you guys put in!

  • GUYS!!!
    Long time listener, first time subscriber. I cannot wait to get my VM Goat shirt. I have enjoyed ALL of the podcasts, and I have loved the training camp coverage. I am looking forward to the coverage of the games and all of the extra insider information.

    Here is my question: Do you think Von is going to have a record setting year this year?

    With Vic raving about Chubb, the media showing love to Chubb. Coupled with the fact Von has discreetly confirmed he did not go 100 last year. I am expecting him to come out with a “This is my House, I want to be defensive player of the year, I want that sack record, I am the SB 50 MVP, I will remind them!” mentality.

    I love this defense, I love this team, and I love this PodCast.


  • Hey what’s up guys?! I’ll jump into the question, so was the fight between Sanders and Sutton due to Sanders telling Sutton he can’t be the number 1 WR if he can’t catch the ball?

  • I accidentally posted this as a comment originally, just ignore that lol.

    Hey guys it’s been a while since I have commented and I finally made a unique name because this is a cool enough community that I figured I should come up with something original instead of my CU ID! First of all Ryan I wanted to let you know I will be staying in Frisco for 10 days and I plan to play The Raven golf course at least once while I’m up there after how highly you recommended it, any advice? No Broncos stuff for now just hadn’t commented in a while so figured I would, keep up all the amazing work you guys do RK and Zac!

  • Bros,
    What the hell is Paxton Lynch talking about?! Did you hear his comments?
    He has absolutely no room to talk. Word is he is even is sucking it up at Seahawks camp and most likely will be on the practice squad.

    How dare he. Broncos Country is nothing but family and the best damn family in the NFL at that!
    What a baby.

    I hope Dre’Mont Jones (or a similar Bigass dude on 2nd or 3rd team) comes up the middle and just straight lays him flat on his back. Basically, it will be the best part of the game for Preseason game 1.

    Also RK, I need you to put a word in to Breckinridge, have yet to find any Strawberry Sky in Houston, only Vanilla Porter. I am fiendish for a taste of this mystery beer while I watch the game….

  • Hey RK and Zac, first time posting, I’ve been listening since February but I didn’t subscribe until last month. Though yours wasn’t the first Broncos podcast I found, it is by far the best and now the only one I listen to. I also listen to all of the audio stories, what an amazing way to add value for your subscribers. I desperately try to keep up with my beloved Broncos, while living behind enemy lines. I have an hour commute in Los Angeles traffic to and from work and I can actually maintain my sanity and even enjoy my drive while listening to you guys, so thank you!!! No questions just yet as you two have been amazing with the info, thanks again and keep it up.

    **Quick side note, I couldn’t decide on just one shirt so I bought a second one and will be keeping an eye out for new items. I wanted to give a quick shout out to the amazing BSN Merch team, thank you!! I’ll definitely be rocking my BSN-Phillip Lindsay Mile High Salute T-shirt at the Broncos v Rams preseason game on Aug 24th.

  • Hey guys,
    I’m kind of breaking the one question rule but you should see some of the other comments lol. I have 2 questions about the team that you may or may not have answered. 1 is who do you guys think is the fourth receiver, assuming it goes ES10 Courtland and Dae. 2 is which non-qb are you guys excited to see against Seattle? Once again, thanks for all the great content and I HOPE Paxton gets flattened by a big man after the shade he threw at us.

  • >