Henry Chisholm and Andre Simone talk through the entire 2019 Buffs football schedule. They also touch on a Daniel Jeremiah report that the Buffs’ offense will be much more interesting in 2019.

Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below and Henry and Ryan Koenigsberg will talk about them on Thursday’s podcast!

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Henry was born in Columbia Falls, Montana and graduated from Columbia Falls High School in 2015. He earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and economics from the University of Montana in 2019. Henry joined BSN Denver as a remote staff writer in 2017, providing support to BSN's Broncos beat reporters. He interned at BSN headquarters in the summer of 2018 and accepted a full-time position after graduating from UM.

  • I really enjoyed this episode and Dre giving his input from his wealth of knowledge on teams and prospects throughout the country. I agree there are 5 to 6 toss-up games that could swing the season in either direction, I only hope the Buffs can come out on top in most of those .

    A few more thoughts based off comments from the last episode:
    -Rammies have gotten several props lately for subscribing and it’s natural to compare to Buffs, but I think what’s misleading is a lot of us already HAD subscriptions and have been loyal to RK and Allie for a while…I’m an old guy and I oppose the phrase “Sko” but I love the Buffs and cartoon ralphie is too good to pass up, so I’ll be getting a shirt but need a toddler size for my daughter 🙋🏻‍♂️
    -The “underground river” myth is laughable. I have an engineering degree and work in construction, if there was anything underground that would affect the construction of a bigger Jumbotron at the south end of Folsom they never would have been able to build the east side club level which is huge! I am familiar that there are concerns with high winds in Boulder certain times of the year and a big screen just becomes a giant wind sail, but it can definitely be engineered and constructed to be much bigger…but would come with a hefty price 😉
    -Also, I agree the key to the Nebraska game is the linebackers but one thing You and Dre didn’t mention is the importance to stay disciplined with a mobile QB like Martinez. Not sure who they would have spy on him, but I think there are great options between Landman, Davion Taylor and Carson Wells.

  • Buffs haven’t upset a ranked team since Kansas. If the Buffs make a bowl, they’ll have to complete an upset. Which team is it?

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