Henry Chisholm talks about the second day of practice, including K.D. Nixon’s first podium appearance of camp and more.

Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below and Henry will talk about them on Monday’s podcast!

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Henry was born in Columbia Falls, Montana and graduated from Columbia Falls High School in 2015. He earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and economics from the University of Montana in 2019. Henry joined BSN Denver as a remote staff writer in 2017, providing support to BSN's Broncos beat reporters. He interned at BSN headquarters in the summer of 2018 and accepted a full-time position after graduating from UM.

  • Hi Henry,

    Really enjoying the articles and pods so far. Keep it up!

    I have been noticing in pics and the highlight videos that the team puts out on social media that the players are wearing a mix of black helmets and silver helmets. I was trying to figure out the rhyme or reason to who was wearing each color (does not look like offense vs. defense or skill positions vs. trenches), so I was wondering if you had heard of there is some determination of which players are wearing which color helmet or if it just a random thing with the equipment staff. Also was wondering if there is a reason for no gold helmets yet. Is the coaching staff making them “earn” that?

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