Henry Chisholm breaks down the Buffs’ offensive line, quarterbacks and running backs.

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Henry was born in Columbia Falls, Montana and graduated from Columbia Falls High School in 2015. He earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and economics from the University of Montana in 2019. Henry joined BSN Denver as a remote staff writer in 2017, providing support to BSN's Broncos beat reporters. He interned at BSN headquarters in the summer of 2018 and accepted a full-time position after graduating from UM.

  • I’ve said before busted coverage and mental errors will be the issue with the defense. It’s a new and complicated scheme. First year will have a learning curve

  • 2018 OLine starters:
    A 30 lb lighter Sherman
    An 80% Lynott coming off Achilles
    A 10 Lb lighter freshman Pursell
    Tonz – no longer on the team, not a power 5 lineman
    Kaiser – graduated; not even close to a power 5 lineman. Maybe not even G5

    Replacing Kaiser with Hambright and adding meat to those guys is huge. Add in Kap and I’m excited to see what on paper should be a much much improved OL. Especially against the “elite” CSU dline that averages 280 pounds according to their depth chart. Add in the fact they are starting a true freshman at Guard who has 3 years playing football and we should be able to dominate the trenches

    • Best possible outcome for me is to mirror the 2001 RMS. Bobby Purify and Chris Brown both ran for over 120 yards and we mauled them at the LOS. That OLine was elite but hey we haven’t played a game yet and the kool aid is flowing.

  • I was a couple days behind, so I got caught up while mowing the lawn on Sunday, and just heard Monday’s. Can we make a goal that the next time you have the CSU guy on with a joint conversation, maybe bring someone that is more knowledgeable about the Buffs to actually call him out on his smug garbage. I can accept you’re on a learning curve getting up to speed on the Buffs and the history, but hearing that drivel from Justin (?) was sincerely painful.

    I’m already spending too much time on it by responding to his unearned arrogance, but off the top of my head:
    • 1985 was the last time CU was good? Really? If any of CSU’s 2001 opponents that won games by less than 22 pts had kicked an extra field goal at any point during the season, that would’ve lifted CSU’s strength of schedule enough that CU would have had the additional 0.05 of a BCS point to play Miami in the National Championship game. (I’m purposely leaving out the 2005 year, because of the Conf Championship results.) Also, probably for the best CU didn’t, as Miami would’ve destroyed the Buffs that year too.
    • People in Boulder don’t care if bigger programs come to Folsom? That is absurd, that is literally the only time people in Boulder care. The die-hards care regardless, but CSU doesn’t even register for people in Boulder – ESPECIALLY when it’s in Denver. There is no good reason to do home-and-homes with CSU when CU can do it with Texas A&M, TCU, Northwestern or even K-State! The only way the series makes sense (especially with the 5/4 alternating home games within conference) is if CU makes it a 2-for-1. Otherwise Rick George is spot-on.
    • CSU is a rival, but for only 2 reasons: 1) growing up in Colorado, CU students/alumni all have friends/neighbors that went to CSU. Fine, fair point. 2) CSU-SuperFan working at BSN is the example of number 2. The completely distorted view of reality their fan-base projects, and unearned confidence. The game literally is just nice to win to mute them, and by the next Monday, it’s ‘who’s next?’ for CU fans; but in the rare instance that CSU wins, they don’t shut-up.
    • I’ve been to every CU v Nebraska game since 1998 (even in Lincoln), and I work with a LOT of Cornhusker fans too. The argument that Oklahoma is a bigger rival than CU for them hasn’t been true since 1989 (reason CU didn’t win the Coaches Poll National Championship in 1990 was because Tom Osborne at Nebraska voted CU so far down on the final rankings). There is a certain historical dominance to the series (like CU with CSU), but the Buffs are 5-6 since the 62-36 game, whereas the Rams are 5-13 vs the Buffs since that same season. Your point of ticket prices was good and valid point. The Oklahoma narrative though, is only true for Baby-Boomers or older – once Texas joined to make the Big 12, OU only cared about Texas then, and Nebraska was already focused on CU – it helped that OU only had 2 9-win seasons in the 90’s and only bowl-eligible 4 times.
    • Colin Hill being a better NFL draft option than Montez… Okay… I highly doubt Hill will achieve these pre-season draft projections next year: 247Sports has Montez as the number 7 QB, SB Nation also has Montez as the number 7 QB, WalterFootball has Montez as the number 6 QB and CBSSports has Montez going in the 3rd round, and the 5th QB. (Okay, this part wasn’t off the top of my head as previously stated.) And “Totino’s hangover?” C’mon.
    • PAC12 playing no defense? Cal, Washington and Utah might disagree.
    • Hawaii comment was irritating, because it felt like forever ago, not a “couple years ago;” but I’ll give him that, since it was 2015 – and the Arizona results!
    I don’t blame you… yet. But if you get bullied by him again this week without support, I will!

    Also, I’ve been waiting for the content from you and Ryan on the Mel Tucker sit-down… Where’s that at?

    • I’ll add to this: tell Justin to take a look at the tweet by the Nebraska fan in response to the new BSN shirt. If that’s not true and deep hate, I don’t know what is.

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