Henry Chisholm breaks down how the Buffs fared in Sports Illustrated’s Top 10 lists, Sam Noyer’s move to safety and more.

Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below and Henry will talk about them on Wednesday’s podcast!

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Henry was born in Columbia Falls, Montana and graduated from Columbia Falls High School in 2015. He earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and economics from the University of Montana in 2019. Henry joined BSN Denver as a remote staff writer in 2017, providing support to BSN's Broncos beat reporters. He interned at BSN headquarters in the summer of 2018 and accepted a full-time position after graduating from UM.

  • Hey Henry, didn’t know if this was where to post this but wanted to know the vibe you are getting from the team on the lines on both sides. Season I think rides on their play. Keep up the awesome work, so grateful for the daily podcast, listen everyday.

  • In this episode you said you haven’t watched the spring game. Why not? It’s available online and it seems that would be a simple – almost minimal – effort a new pundit, exclusively covering the Buffs would make to prepare themselves.

  • Hey Henry! Thank you so much for all the work you’re doing putting out amazing pods for the Buffs. I’ve subscribed to countless CU podcasts over the past 8 years (most of which are either defunct or put out like 1 podcast a month) just looking for something like this. As a diehard Buff fan, I honestly feel like it’s almost impossible to get some of the stuff you put out from anywhere else, and I’m so appreciative. A couple non-camp related questions:

    1.) You might have mentioned this, but I must have missed it. Who does the theme song, and where can I get it?

    2.) Any word on if we might be able to get the Buffs articles in audio story form?

    No football questions for now, but enjoy your first game at Folsom Field. It’s an awesome and unique place to watch a game.

  • Noyer already went back to quarterback? Interesting.

    Mentioned Vontae not seeing the field. With the new redshirt rule allowing I think 4 games. Why not? Let him have some plays with his brother, see the field, and get a feel for competing against college athletes.

  • Sounds like CS-ewe thinks they have a legitimate shot to win the RMS this year. I think they are completely out matched and the talent gap is too large. What are you hearing out of sheep camp that makes them think this will be a game (beyond the obvious “its a rivalry” argument)?

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