On this episode of the BSN Rockies Podcast, Drew Creasman talks to Manny Randhawa of MLB.com and Statcast to get his take on what has gone wrong with the Colorado Rockies and the likelihood that they can rebound from it. Plus, some final thoughts on the series sweep over the Miami Marlins.

Drew Creasman

Drew E. Creasman was born in Grand Junction, Colorado and currently resides in Boulder, CO. He is a full time Rockies beat writer managing editor of BSN Rockies and a member of the Baseball Writer's Association of America.  

  • I found this a very interesting discussion on how 2020 is a pivotal year for the franchise. I think it makes sense to do some light re-tooling this off season – a back-end starter, a reliever, a solid 2-WAR bench bat. Then they can roll the dice again and hope that the 2020 Rockies return to their 2017-2018 form. If the team continues to struggle in 2020 and show that they are a deeply flawed team, then there is still an option to blow it all up for a quick rebuild. The farm system is back-loaded , with prospects like Grant Lavigne, Ryan Rolison, and Ryan Vilade not scheduled to make their debuts until 2021-2022. If the 2020 Rockies struggle, they can sell off everybody – Gray, Marquez, Blackmon, Story. etc., and load up on prospects for 2021-2022. With Arenado’s opt-out after 2021, the Rockies could trade him as well, if it is clear he has no intentions of sticking around, or convince him to stick around to be a veteran part of the next core. Who knows, maybe by then, the Dodgers won’t be the powerhouse they are today and the Rockies can finally capture a division title.

    • Spot on, Duncan. Consider this: Nolan will absolutely not get more money in free agency if he opts out after 2021. Sure, the allure of a championship might be worth taking some loss in salary. However, which scenario is likelier for Nolan to opt out: the Rockies can’t put it together in the next two seasons and he re-enters free agency with Trevor Story OR he is so frustrated that Story gets dealt somewhere between 2020-21 that he’s fed up and re-enters free agency?
      Though a trade of Story – which would probably net the better prospects than Gray or Márquez – would likely help the club to rebuild for a better 2021-23 run – thus, extending their window of contention – Nolan may be so disappointed in having to see through the development of another left side of the infield player that he opts out.
      Regardless, the pressure is undoubtedly on for this franchise. I was just talking with another reporter that I think Black’s job could even be on the line if they have a really bad first half. A change in direction, manager-wise, to a less player’s-manager type could make all the difference in refocusing the club in 2020 should they have such a bad first few months.
      Keep the comments coming, Duncan!! Thanks!

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