On this episode of the DNVR Rockies Podcast, Drew Creasman recaps a 12-5 loss to the Dodgers that still had a bunch of signs of a possible positive future for Colorado as their young players continue to emerge.


Drew Creasman

Drew E. Creasman was born in Grand Junction, Colorado and currently resides in Boulder, CO. He is a full time Rockies beat writer managing editor of BSN Rockies and a member of the Baseball Writer's Association of America.  

  • Drew,

    We all wish Tapia could have been a good player. He’s not. Playing Dahl in CF is just asking him to break faster. Hilliard is a good player and will be on the roster next year but he’s not a center fielder.

    Hampson has turned into a ML player. He’s hitting and more importantly, he’s playing centerfield better than any Rockie since Dexter.

    So make my outfield Dahl in left, Hampson in CF, and Chuck in RF. Chuck can’t field and maybe the team will figure out a way to trade him but until they do, he’s gonna play.

    They are stuck with Desmond so you have Hilliard and Desmond on the bench. No room for Tapia.

    • DB, Tapia seems like he could be the odd man out. Between the fact that he’s increased his value the season and that there’s clearly depth with equal upside – if not, more – already in the outfield, Tap might be a good trade chip to help improve the 25-man roster for next season.
      With McGee set to make about $11.5MM in 2020 ($2MM is part of a buyout he’d receive after the season), pairing Tap and McGee could get that contract off the roster and allow Colorado to spend that on a starting pitcher, that is, if one magically appears that could handle Coors Field.
      Thanks for reaching out. Keep it coming.

      • Just because you guys have this fantasy that Tapia can play doesn’t make it so. He a minus 1 win player. One of the worst players in the NL. No one will trade for him let alone trade for him and McGee and eat McGee’s contract. The way to get rid of them is to DFA Tapia and eat half to 70 per cent of McGee’s and hope some will take him..

        • We may tend to overvalue Tapia but I assure you he won’t be getting DFA’d and if he did he would be picked up immediately. Additionally, WAR is never going to like a contact-hitting outfielder at Coors but talking to evaluators around the league, almost universally Tapia has increased his value this season and is seen as having legit MLB abilities.

        • Since Tapia will continue make league minimum, pairing him with McGee to move to a team in need of outfield help means that team ultimately pays $12MM for two players, which is how most GM’s would evaluate a deal like this. However, in no way does that mean Colorado would acquire some great prospect in return.
          In other words, by dealing a cost-controlled outfielder with his best years ahead of him, some team might be willing to take McGee off the Rockies’ hands.

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