Denver Nuggets Podcasts



2:30 – Reported changes to Nuggets’ color scheme

5:00 – Nuggets’ get back to their identity vs. Cavs

11:00 – Misconceptions of a Nikola Jokic-led offense

16:03- The Nuggets’ most indispensable player

18:00 – Gary Harris’ step-back vs Memphis speaks to his growing offensive game

26:30 – Will Barton continues to play the best basketball of his career

29:00 – Team-first Barton

32:30 – Other tweaks to Michael Malone’s rotation

Wind and Clark break down Denver’s win in Memphis, Paul Millsap’s return to the starting lineup, Nikola Jokic’s lackluster offensive night and why an under-matched Grizzlies team was able to stay in Friday night’s game with the Nuggets.


3;00 – Mason Plumlee’s reverse slams

8:00 – Grizz wanted it more

16:00 – Millsap back in the starting five

19:00 – Poor half court offense

21:00 – Jokic struggles on offense

26:00 – Jokic as an afterthought in the offense

35:00 – ISO Gary and Will Barton making tough shots

Wind and Clark react to Thursday’s Nuggets’ practice where Michael Malone gave a timetable for Paul Millsap’s return to Denver’s starting lineup. Who moves to the bench once Millsap retakes his starting power forward spot? What is Malone’s current nine-man rotation with Millsap playing again? Then, thoughts on Trey Lyles’ cut in playing time and how he’s dealing with the demotion.


1:30 – Previewing the road trip

5:00 – Jokic snubbed from Player of the Month voting

12:00 – Paul Millsap’s impending return the starting lineup

13:30 – Millsap in, Will Barton out. Why?

18:30 – Barton has been how good?

24:00 – Lyle’s frustration

28:00 – How the organization views Lyles

Wind and Clark share their notes from the Nuggets’ loss to the Clippers, discuss Paul Millsap’s encouraging return to the lineup, Denver’s second-half collapse and what went wrong down to the final few possessions.


3:00 – Assessing Millsap’s return

6:30 – First-half defense

8:00 – Millsap’s defensive IQ

12:00 – A shift back to defense?

17:30 – Boban!

20:00 – The ultimate Nuggets killer

25:00 – A lack of TO’s hurts Nuggets

28:30 – To foul or not to foul?

31:00 – Murray’s final look

34:00 – Boban stat

Wind and Clark react to Paul Millsap getting upgraded to questionable for Tuesday night’s matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers, theorize if he’ll play and discuss the impact he’ll have over Denver’s final 22 games of the regular season. Also, a look back on how Denver played with Millsap over the first 16 games of the season and if that success is replicable over the stretch run.


3:30 – Will Millsap play Tuesday?

6:00 – Revisiting expectations without Millsap

10:00 – Winning at any cost

16:30 – Looking back at the beginning of the year with Millsap

18:00 – Starting 5 with Millsap balled

23:30 – Who gets their playing time cut?

31:30 – Millsap offensive role when he returns

34:30 – Gallo returns to Denver

Wind and Clark recap the Denver Nuggets Sunday night loss to the Houston Rockets, gush over James Harden’s exceptional night and discuss what went wrong in the latest installment of Denver-Houston.


1:00 – The MVP shows up

4:00 – Nuggets on an island

9:00 – Not a typical Nuggets’ offensive night

16:00 – Playoff projections

21:00 – Harden’s foul-drawing

26:00 – Maik Beasley sees extended minutes

30:00 – Devin Harris still trying to find his footing

32:00 – Millsap update and how the rotation could change

36:00 – Future starting five with Millsap

Wind and Clark recap Denver’s 122-119 win over the San Antonio Spurs, Allen Iverson, Kenyon Martin and Marcus Camby night and why the Nuggets are playing their best basketball of the Michael Malone era.


3:00 – Iverson’s aura

8:00 – Kenyon Martin’s shots at George Karl

14:30 – More excellence from Nikola Jokic

19:30 – A transcendent player

24:00 – Nuggets overcome the refs

32:00 – Why Wilson this Wilson Chandler might be here to stay

42:00 – Postgame activities

On the latest BSN Nuggets Podcast Wind and Clark sit down with Darrell Arthur who dishes on a variety of topics from his days at Kansas, their National Championship win over Memphis in 2008, and playing with Marc Gasol in Memphis. Then, a discussion around the current Nuggets, the locker room comradery in Denver, Gary Harris’ even-keel demeanor and work ethic, and the rise of Nikola Jokic, who Arthur believes will be a Hall-of-Famer when his playing career is over.


1:30 – Kansas days

4:30 – Winning the ship over Memphis

8:30 – Denver’s tight-knit locker room

11:00 – Nikola Jokic’s rise

13:00 – Playing within yourself

18:30 – What’s Jokic like off the court

19:30 – Late-night video games battles with teammates

23:00 – The final 24 games

26:30 – Who do the Nuggets want to play in the playoffs

30:00 – Mason Plumlee’s legendary caricature

Wind and Clark recaps a spirited Wednesday practice at Pepsi Center, Paul Millsap’s impending return, why Nuggets coach Michael Malone is excited for “defensive anchor” Mason Plumlee to return Friday versus the Spurs and the positive vibes that were seeping out from Pepsi Center’s practice court.


3:00 – Jamal Murray’s hectic All-Star weekend

4:30 – Paul Millsap returns (to practice)

7:30 – Millsap’s timeline to return

14:00 – The challenges Denver faces when Millsap returns

19:30 – The big question facing the Nuggets

29:30 – Plumlee back

32:00 – Devin Harris finding a groove

Wind and Clark discuss one of the biggest storylines to watch in Denver’s first game after the All-Star break on Friday against San Antonio. Who will Mason Plumlee play with? What does he bring to the Nuggets’ rotation? Who gets their minutes cut with Plumlee back in the fold? That and more on the Tuesday episode of the BSN Nuggets Podcast.


8:00 – How will Denver use Mason Plumlee?

10:00 – What does Plumlee bring to the table?

12:00 – Plumlee and Nikola Jokic together

15:00 – The four-game stretch

18:00 – Will he take a backseat?

22:00 – Who will Denver start?

28:00 – How many minutes will Plumlee and Jokic get together?

Wind and Clark recap All-Star weekend, discuss the skills challenge, three-point shootout, dunk contest and Sunday’s All-Star game and assess Jamal Murray’s performance. Also, who will be the next Nuggets player to make an All-Star game and when?


2:30 – Takeaways from All-Star weekend

7:30 – Should the NBA put more on the line?

11:30 – Jamal Murray’s performance at All-Star weekend

17:30 – What will you remember from the dunk contest?

19:00 – Donovan Mitchell’s rise

22:00 – The next Nuggets’ All-Star

29:30 – Denver’s U23 core vs Philly

34:00 – Jamal Murray’s All-Star ETA

36:00 – Biggest pre-All-Star break Nuggets storylines

Wind and Clark recap Denver’s win in Milwaukee and Nikola Jokic’s historic night and other notes from the Nuggets’ ninth victory in their last 12 games.


3:00 – Jokic’s first-half triple-double

5:00 – Jokic’s status as Denver’s franchise cornerstone

13:00 – Deer in the headlights

17:30 – Bouncing around the roster

20:00 – Bucks’ overrated defense

24:00 – Jan. 21

30:00 – Serbian-friendly crowd

32:00 – Playing the right way

Wind and Clark recap the Nuggets’ win over the Spurs, Nikola Jokic’s quiet triple-double, Jamal Murray’s gutsy performance and Will Barton’s resurgence. Also, what’s behind Wilson Chandler’s revival over Denver’s past three games? 


3:00 – Tuesday’s top storylines

4:00 – Jokic’s quiet triple-double

6:15 – The Nuggets are good in the fourth quarter again

8:30 – Will Barton has found himself again

10:30 – Spurs gonna Spurs

17:00 – What’s behind Wilson Chandler’s resurgence

23:00 – Devin Harris’ best play of the night

30:00 – Malik Beasley gets Torrey Craig’s minutes

32:30 – Nuggets All-Star break plans

Wind and Clark discuss president of basketball operations Tim Connelly’s Monday press conference, comments made to the New York Post by Emmanuel Mudiay’s brother, Devin Harris, and the positives and negatives to the league’s two-way contracts. Then, the best beefs and feuds of the NBA season.


2:00 – Recapping Monday’s press conference

3:30 – The Nuggets are pretty high on Jamal Murray

7:30 – Frustrations around two-way contracts

11:00 – Emmanuel Mudiay’s brother speaks to the New York Post

16:00 -Best NBA beefs from the season

17:00 – Joel Embiid vs…..

22:00 – Wall vs. Barea

26:00 – Pierce vs. Draymond

28:30 – Warriors vs. Shaq

29:00 – Cavs vs. Cavs

34:00 – Markelle Fultz vs. His jump shot


1:50 – Trade deadline recap

5:30 – Nuggets vs. Rockets

9:00 – West playoff picture

13:00 – Paul Millsap’s impact upon return

17:00 – O.K. Corral shootout

20:00 – Grading the Devin Harris trade

25:00 – Did Denver sell low on Mudiay?

29:00 – How much will Harris play?

31:00 – Why Harris wanted to come to Denver

35:00 – Will Barton’s third quarter lifts Nuggets past Suns

39:00 – Podcast beef

43:00 – Nuggets feeding Jokic from the get-go

46:00 – What’s behind Wilson Chandler’s big night?

48:00 – Will Chandler stick in the starting lineup when Millsap returns?

Wind and Clark are joined by Adam Mares from and the Locked on Nuggets Podcast for a last-minute trade deadline primer. Who’s the most likely Nugget to get moved before Thursday at 1 p.m.? How would the rumored point guards on the market fit in Denver? What’s the Nuggets’ top priority at the deadline? Will Denver create a roster spot for Torrey Craig? That and more on the latest BSN Nuggets Podcast.

Wind and Clark talk trade deadline with Thursday rapidly approaching. How would Tyreke Evans fit in Denver and what would it cost to get him?


2:00 - What arena of need Denver has to address

6:30 - Will last year's deadline outcome influence this year's approach

12:30 - How would Tyreke Evans fit in Denver?

19:00 - The need for a third team

21:00 - Should the Nuggets surrender their first round pick?

26:00 - Other point guard options

32:00 - Buyout market and the need for another roster spot

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Wind and Clark recap the Nuggets win over the Hornets and why Denver’s offense has taken off over the past few weeks.


2:30 – 2016-17 flashbacks

5:30 – Jan. 21

8:45 – Jokic ball

13:30 – Murray battles through thigh bruise

16:30 – Michael Malone’s give and take

23:00 – How will the offense look with Millsap?

28:30 – Not playing down to competition

Wind and Clark welcome in Nuggets play-by-play announcer Chris Marlowe to chat about the Nuggets’ thrilling win Thursday night over the Thunder, Jamal Murray, Gary Harris and Nikola Jokic as Denver’s core, his volleyball playing days and gold-medal Olympic run in 1984, broadcasting with Bruce Jenner, road to Altitude TV and the one time he was in a hot tub with Mister T.


2:00 – Observations from last night’s win

4:30 – Murray is “the volcano”

7:30 – Murray and Harris have made a leap

9:00 – Harris is a smaller version of Kawhi Leonard

11:30 – Murray as the alpha

23:00 – Marlowe’s volleyball background

26:00 – Road to the ’84 Olympics

29:30 – Going from bartender to Olympics captain

38:30 – Coming to Denver

40:00 – Preparation as an announcer

50:00 – Working with Bill Walton

53:00 – Marlowe gets into a hot tub with Mister T


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