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Wind and Clark pour one out for the Nuggets’ pre-draft workouts which likely came to an end Thursday and discuss Earl Boykins’ assertion that LeBron has pretty much signed in Denver. Finally, who are the Nuggets selecting in the BSN Denver NBA Mock Draft 2.0, why the Hawks are a natural trade partner and is Shai Gilgeous Alexander a logical target for Denver in the first round?

Wind and Clark are joined by BSN Analytics guru Andre Simone to discuss the draft. The guys go over prospects that have worked out for the Nuggets and if any of them could be a fit in the first round, then look at the top of the draft and debate Ayton vs. Jackson and discuss if the Nuggets could jump into the top-4 if Luka Doncic starts to fall. Then, Wind, Clark and Simone list some prospects projected to go towards the end of the first round and into the second round that they’re high on.

Wind and Clark discuss if Zhaire Smith, Troy Brown and other projected mid-first round prospects would be fits in Denver with Brian Schroeder aka Cosmis on Twitter. Also, Brian shares his opinion on why Jaron Jackson Jr is should be taken ahead of Deandre Ayton in the draft. Check out Brian’s work on Patreon here and follow him on Twitter…...

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Wind and Clark recap the Nuggets’ Monday morning pre-draft workout that featured Ohio State do-everything forward Keita Bates-Diop and Colorado wing George King. Is Bates-Diop a real target for the Nuggets in the first round? How has King risen up draft boards over the past two months? That and more on the Monday edition of the BSN Nuggets Podcast.

In this solo edition of the BSN Nuggets Podcast, Wind goes down the roster and lists the one area where each player needs to improve the most this summer.


0.00 – News/subscriber questions

13:00 – Murray

18:00 – Harris

23:00 – Chandler

25:30 – Millsap

29:30 – Jokic

37:00 – Barton

39:00 – Beasley

41:30 – Plumlee

42:30 – Hernangomez

44:30 – Lyles

46:30 – Craig

Wind and Clark discuss Michigan State’s Miles Bridges, his offensive and defensive upside and how he’d fit in with the Nuggets’ if the swingman fell to 14th overall.


2:00 – Bridges’ offensive skill-set

4:00 – What’s his NBA role?

8:00 – Upside of his jumper

15:00 – What’s his IQ?

20:00 – Rebounding

26:00 – A recent history of Spartan draft picks

34:00 – Fit among lottery teams

Wind and Clark recap the Nuggets’ second pre-draft workout, discuss the six more prospects that Denver brought through its doors Tuesday and go over other observations from Pepsi Center.


2:00 – The legend of Jon Elmore

11:00 – Does Ethan Happ have an NBA future?

22:00 – Daniel Amigo’s rise under Rodney Billups at DU

27:00 – Who stood out from Monday’s workout?

30:00 – Denver’s future at backup point guard

32:00 – Monte Morris’ future with the Nuggets

37:00 – Other observations from the workout

40:00 – What might Denver do in the second round?

Wind and Clark preview Monday’s pre-draft workout at Pepsi Center and walk through what happens from a players’ perspective.


0:00 – Rockets/Warriors talk

6:30 – Behind-the-scenes of a pre-draft workout

10:00 – Daniel Amigo

13:00 – William McDowell-White

16:30 – Reid Travis

19:30 – Cody Martin

23:30 – Isaiah Reese, Admiral Schofield, Ky Bowman

28:00 – Doncic chatter

Wind and Clark take a look at Mikal Bridges, who likely won’t fall to the Nuggets at 14th overall but fits Denver and the organization’s needs. What are Bridges’ strengths, weaknesses, why do so many view him as a high floor prospect in this year’s draft and where is he likely to go in the lottery? Can the Nuggets make a move to go up and get him?


2:30 – Kicking off our draft coverage

5:00 – Bridges’ role at the next level

7:00 – Defensive profile

13:00 – A blue-collar player

16:00 – He’s a winner

20:00 – What’s his NBA comp?

24:00 – Catch-and-shoot prowess

26:30 – Areas to improve on offense

32:30 – Forecasting where Bridges’ will get drafted

34:00 – Would the Nuggets part with a young asset to move up?

Wind and Clark discuss how the Nuggets could look to replace Will Barton’s production from within if the versatile guard leaves Denver in free agency this summer.


1:30 – Final lottery reaction

4:00 – Ayton vs. Doncic

11:00 – Replacing Will Barton

17:30 – Beasley’s sophomore season

24:00 – What’s Beasley’s optimal role?

31:00 – Hernangomez’s lost season and rookie year

34:00 – Juancho’s offensive upside

38:00 – Denver’s bench could struggle

Wind and Clark recap the NBA Draft Lottery, discuss what the Nuggets may do at 14th overall, if that pick is a candidate to be traded and do an initial mock draft for picks 1-14.


1:30 – The ridiculousness of the lottery

6:30 – Could the 14th pick be in play?

9:00 – The Faried factor

18:00 – Targets at 14th overall

31:00 – Instant reaction lottery mock draft

Wind and Clark react to the Monday morning news drop that sports gambling is no longer illegal in the United States and discuss what that means, for the Nuggets and the NBA as a whole.


1:30 – Sports gambling is no longer illegal

3:30 – What will real-time sports gambling look like?

6:30 – Driving attendance

10:30 – The need for regulation

14:00 – NBA/NFL

18:00 – Salary cap ramifications

23:00 – Further hurdles